Beware Random Emails Offering Free Content!

Another day, another alarmingly suspicious email from a client. Yesterday, one of our clients forwarded an email from a company offering free content for their blog. While everyone enjoys free things, we also know that nothing in this life is every truly free. There is always a catch, and “free content” could easily mean seeing your website penalized by Google!

Indicators That Something is Amiss

First off, the email is from Well, if we look up that company, we will only find other dental practices with that name. Why would a dental practice offer content to another practice? They wouldn’t.

Second, the email is littered with poor grammar and awkward sentences, most likely because they have a single template email that information is added to depending on who they’re contacting. Let’s just take a look at the opening, shall we?

I’ve been following your blog page for quite some time now. And I found many of your blog topics interesting.
You Post very informative & factual topics related to Dental Health.
I was wondering If I could Propose some Informative Graphic guide to support & supplement your dental health related blog posts.
I have these dental health Guide Infographic topics to share for your blog page:
-Top Trends In Cosmetic Dentistry
-What Should You About Gum Disease”

Random capitalizations, missing words, there’s a lot going on here. Let’s see how they wrapped up their pitch:

“Maybe you could choose a topic you like & check at the content we have made about it.
I am sharing this High quality blog content for Free.
I hope you would be interested to see & review the free blog content I am sharing for your blog page.
Looking forward to receiving a positive response from you soon…”

Yikes. Once again, if providing content is what your company does, why would you give it away for free? We never did see what their catch was, our client forwarded us the email and never responded, but we have a pretty good idea about what would have happened had they accepted this offer.

The Dangers of Duplicate Content

Google looks for original, well-written content when ranking websites on a search engine results page. If multiple websites all have the same content, these sites are penalized and won’t enjoy optimal rankings on the coveted first page. Companies like the one that emailed our client often have duplicate content they give their customers, which hurts their rankings. If you receive a suspicious email like the one above, please let us know!

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