Are You Reaching Enough People With Your Website?

When you set up a website for your dental practice, you can set up a digital platform that helps you extend your reach in important ways. The right online marketing strategy can help you reach more people, but it can also help you make sure that you reach the right people, and turn site visits into new patients. If you want to see the most value from your site, your approach to SEO is certainly important. By building up a digital marketing plan that focuses on organic SEO, we can help you consistently connect with more people. Because we take special care to focus on your local search efforts, and building a site that has beneficial technical information, we can also help you make sure that the people you reach could potentially schedule appointments. A targeted approach is important – after all, having more visitors may be reassuring, but what you really want from your website is the ability to attract more patients!

Local Business Websites Average Less Than 500 Visitors Per Month

While different types of businesses can see different levels of traffic, the average local business website receives less than five hundred visitors in a month. Roughly half of the people who visit these websites find them thanks to organic searches. “Organic searches” means they are clicking on links they find in their search results, and not the pay-per-click links that appear at the top of the results page. More than one third of site visits result from direct visits.

The amount of visitors you receive can certainly help your dental practice. The more visits you have, the more likely it is that some of those digital visits will result in appointments. With that said, the overall volume of website activity can be less important than making sure that the people who visit are potentially going to contact you. No matter how impressive your website and practice might be, someone who lives several hours away (or more) is unlikely to come in for a visit.

What Can People Do To Find Your Website?

If you want people to find you, your presence on search engine results pages will be important. With half of the average local business’s site traffic coming from organic searches, you should make higher rankings your goal. This is not the only option available to you – for instance, you can also use social media activity to reach more people. With that said, it is hard to ignore the significance of your presence in search engine results pages when it has proved to be so important for so many local businesses.

Building An Effective SEO Strategy

Our approach to online marketing support focuses on organic SEO. Organic SEO prioritizes changes to your website that make it more valuable to visitors, which in turn makes it more attractive to search engines. The quality of a website has taken on increasing significance over time as Google and other search engines have grown more sophisticated in their ranking methods. It is no longer effective to simply trust that keywords and links by themselves can make you show up in the top slots on relevant searches. One thing you should feature on your site is quality, original website content. A search engine’s goal is to give people the most useful information possible at the top of their rankings. In addition to creating more links to be found, content can be a testament to the quality of your overall site. We can provide ongoing content to help your SEO, and we can discuss making website design updates, or even moving to a new website, to provide better experiences for your visitors.

Organic Marketing Helps With More Than Just Traffic Volume

Through a personalized organic marketing plan, we can help you with more than just traffic volume. Through technical SEO and keywords, we can help you increase your local SEO. Local SEO is important for any website that wants to connect with people in a certain area, and the right plan can help you show up in searches that are meaningful to you. The right measures can make you more present in searches that include a certain city, or phrases like “near me” that tell Google and other search engines to look for sites that are in proximity to a person.

An organic approach to marketing also helps you if you want to put more effort into promoting a certain focus of your practice. Through content, keywords, and even the development of a microsite for your dental office, we can help you reach out to people with narrower concerns about dental health. This can be particularly helpful if you are introducing a new service or technology, or if you are trying to create more attention on a part of your field where you excel.

Additional Steps We Can Recommend To Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A truly effective long-term plan for online marketing can cover many different topics. We are committed to helping you fully benefit from your digital presence, and we can help you cover these different aspects. Through reputation management efforts, we offer our support by encouraging more positive reviews on important online sites. These reviews can bring about better SEO, and they create feedback that people trust. We can also give you support on social media. For our clients, we provide curated posts on a monthly basis, as well instructions to help you set up a fun photo booth that your patients enjoy. Outreach through social media can be good for strengthening connections with your current patients, and for reaching new people.

MDPM Consulting Can Help Your Website Reach More People, And Bring In More Patients

At MDPM Consulting, we understand how important it can be to have an effective SEO strategy in place. We can help you bring more people to your website, and we can show you how the right strategy can help you do a better job reaching people who set up appointments at your practice. If you want to know more about organic SEO marketing, and how it can help you, please call MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861.