Working With A Reputable Marketing Company Helps Your Practice

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Your dental marketing consists of much more than social media, but also the content of your website and your SEO strategy. For dental practices, completing this work could be done internally, or through contract positions from different companies for each part of the marketing strategy. However, to streamline the process and obtain a more focused approach, MDPM Dental Marketing recommends working with a single company with a focus on original content and organic SEO.

The Downsides of Contract and Internal Work

Often, dental practices will turn to multiple companies to address their needs, dividing tasks between web companies, social media companies, and so forth. When this happens, these moving parts aren’t communicating with each other effectively, and you could have a disjointed and aimless online strategy, one that doesn’t help you attract new patients. Others will go internal, assigning these tacks to office team members. However, your team members already have a full plate of work to keep the practice operating efficiently, so little time is dedicated to monitor your SEO and social media. For a streamlined and efficient approach, you should work with a single marketing company, a reputable one that is able to handle all aspects of your plan.

Organic SEO and Custom Copy

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a way to make your copy and web presence attractive to search engines like Google or Bing. An organic approach means you don’t use faulty or outdated methods, such as keyword stuffing. Instead, you focus on quality content that is user-friendly and original. When Google’s bots crawl and index your copy, this will help you enjoy better rankings when people look for an office in their community. To accomplish this, we recommend original copy for your web pages, and a blog to provide a steady stream of new and original content that is SEO-rich for Google to crawl and index.

Social Media Benefits

Social media is incredibly valuable to a dental office. This is a way to let people know about updates, and to stay connected with your current patients. However, you need social media content that is effective and original. Our team can provide this, encouraging reviews, responding to inquiries, and helping ensure your community knows about any new specials or discounts. Again, your social networking accounts and website should work together, with the same branding and logo so you’re easy to find online.

If you have any questions about working with a reputable marketing company, then contact our team today! We would love to schedule an interview with you and help create a plan that works with your practice (and your budget).

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