Do You Know Your Audience?

Search engine optimization is a little understood but vital aspect of any successful marketing strategy. While you can easily get lost in the process of creating keywords and building links, there is one thing to always keep in mind: your audience. Do you know your audience? If not, then no amount of links or organic keyword placement will help them find your site. You have to know who you want visiting your site and what they want to see to choose you as a dentist.

Copy Creation and Keywords

Knowing your audience is very important, especially for local SEO. You have to know who will be looking for your services and how they might go about this. For example, if you are a pediatric dentist, you may use keywords like “children’s dentist Dallas” or “pediatric dentist Dallas.” You may also use the phrase “When should my child have a checkup?” or similar phrases in your blog posts. Then, you need copy that addresses these keywords and answers common questions. However, remember to limit your keywords to no more then seven per page, or you could be accused of keyword stuffing and have your site penalized.

Clean Design and Mobile Friendliness

In addition, you need to have a good site ready for them to see. After all, your website is your digital doorstep, the first introduction to you and your practice. A well-designed site, modern and easy to navigate, is very helpful. More importantly, make sure your site is mobile friendly. Odds are, the person looking at your website will do so from a mobile phone. You don’t want your website’s nonresponsive nature to turn away a potential patient.

Social Media

Once you understand your audience and tailor your website, copy, and keywords to their needs, try maintaining an active social media presence. You can maintain contact with new patients and if they share and like your comment, reach their wider circle of friends. Social media is a free way to potentially attract leads. If you need help with this process, we have a free social media kit available to clients with a monthly SEO package.

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