Are You Ready For Seasonal Marketing?

November is finally here, which means for most of the country the holiday season is already in full swing. Some radio stations have even switched to playing Christmas music! As a dentist, now is a great time to roll out seasonal marketing. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss the importance of holiday marketing and also look at how one of our clients celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Week!

Lake Country Orthodontics and Breast Cancer Awareness Week

From October 23rd until the 27th, Dr. Ciro Cabal and his team at Lake Country Orthodontics celebrated Pink Out week, which raises awareness about breast cancer. They were happy to how their support, and to also show off their pink attire on Facebook. This is a great example of how you can support a good cause, and also that seasonal marketing won’t just involve the major holidays of the year. Find out what’s happening each month and see how your practice can take part!

Are You Ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

As a dentist, the holidays present a unique opportunity. Both revolve around large social gatherings, gatherings that often have a lot of sugary and starchy foods. You can highlight your cosmetic treatments, offering specials on teeth whitening and other procedures that can help improve smile beauty before a big event.

You can also discuss the risk posed by sugary foods, offering new patient specials to encourage people to visit for cleanings and checkups. You can then blog about these promotions and share the content on social media. Seasonal marketing doesn’t just have to involve specials either. As we discussed in our blog on tangential topics, blogging about topics related to events or holidays can attract more shares, comments, and likes. You can write about fun stocking stuffers, or healthy holiday food options.

We can Help!

If you want help coming up with blog topics or promotions for the holiday season, please let us know! Remember, MDPM Consulting in always here to help!

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