5 Factors To Keep In Mind When Creating New Content

An excellent way to expand your online marketing plan is to add new content to your website and blog. However, to get the most SEO benefits from your pages and blog posts, you need to make sure you’ve properly optimized your new content. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at factors you should keep in mind when creating new content.

Creating Great Website Content

  1. Who’s the Audience? Who are you creating content for? The answer? Your patients (and the people you hope to turn into patients). You need to know your patient base. Do you cater to children? Adults? Do you offer general family services or do you focus on a specific field of dentistry? Your pages needs to be tailored for the people you hope to see in your office, addressing their questions and concerns.
  2. Are You Local? A solid local SEO strategy is essential. After all, when people look for a dentist they typically perform a search like this: “I need a dentist in FAKECITY” or “Where is a dentist in FAKECITY.” You want to come up in the first page, preferably in the first couple results, for a search in your city. So be sure your copy is optimized for local, with keywords, accurate and consistent NAP information (name, address, phone), and accurate Google Maps and Google My Business page information.
  3. Is It Original? Google can spot template copy and doesn’t care for it. Websites with unique and original copy earn higher spots on a search engine results page. His goes for each of your blog posts, as well as your web pages.
  4. Are You Error Free? Make sure your pages and posts are free of errors to ensure a professional appearance.
  5. Are You Sharing Your New Content? When you add a page or a blog, let your patients know via social media posts!

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