4 Tips For Improving Your Content Marketing Strategy

You’ve written your content and your website is live! However, after several months you notice your site is still languishing at the bottom of a search results page for practices in your community. What happened? Often, there may be a few seemingly minor issues that have held back your website. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at four tips for improving your content marketing strategy.

Tips for Improving Content Marketing Strategies

  1. Don’t Bog Down Crawl Rates: Did you know that having an unnecessarily large site can actually slow the rate that Google crawls your site? As a result, your website can experience lower rankings and fewer people will be able to see your content. Factors behind slow crawl rates include excessive numbers of pages (now, many practices are moving towards smaller sites, with navigation consisting of fewer pages). In addition, having multiple versions of a site available (such as having https://dallasfakedentist.com and http://dallasfakedentist.com both available).
  2. Add Internal Links: You need internal links! These can direct patients to other relevant pages within your site. In addition, these are factors for ranking websites and crucial for a successful content marketing strategy.
  3. Slow Load Times: Often, a dentist may have a large or unwieldy site. As a result, the load times can slow. This is a much bigger issue than you may think. People simply don’t have the patience for slow load times and will leave the site, moving on and more likely, finding another professional. There are a number of tools for improving load times, don’t let a slow loading site hurt your content marketing strategy.
  4. Poor Keyword Strategy: A general dentist will often have multiple keywords, which are targeted towards services and common questions/issues patients have. Too often, a practice will rely on one or two keywords. While this seems like a good strategy, you could be limiting the chances of someone finding your practice. You want to vary your keywords, increasing the chances that a search in your community will uncover your site.

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