Check Out South Side On Lamar’s Little Free Library

This summer, a Little Free Library was erected in our building in honor of the Dallas police officers killed in the line of duty in Downtown Dallas on July 7th, 2016. The library located at the South Side on Lamar is one of five being built across Dallas. The library is free for residents and visitors alike, and we were happy to be able to contribute books to the memorial library.

DPD & DART Officer Memorial Little Free Libraries

The five memorial libraries in Dallas were started and funded by Helen Stassen, who lost her son Benjamin, a Dallas police officer, in the shooting. Regarding the project, Helen Stassen said:

“We are offering a small contribution to personal and community healing in the form of Little Free Libraries as memorials to the slain Dallas Officers. Since Benjamin’s death our family has embraced the positive experience of being stewards of a Little Free Library, used by many people, that is a memorial in Benjamin’s name. This offers us an evolving and ever changing way to nurture and care for others in our community and to keep Benjamin’s memory alive. May the families, friends and community of Officers receive some of these same benefits. We hope/pray those who see and use these libraries and hear this story be moved toward helping others and sharing in peaceful nonviolent ways.“

The libraries are painted blue and yellow, and include the badge numbers of the five officers who lost their lives. One of our employees, Maggie Knapp, is also a librarian and helped select MDPM Consulting’s donations to the library. We’re honored to be able to contribute to such a wonderful and inspiring project.

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