Check Out Our COVID-19 Reopening Plan


How are you? I hope you are well and that you, your family, and your team are healthy.
Is your office open or preparing to open? It’s time to get the word out on when you’ll see patients and how you’ll keep them (and your team) safe.
To do this, we’ve created a COVID-19 Reopening Plan that can be 100% personalized for your practice. Ask us about this kit!

In this kit, you’ll find:
  • Steps for Success for While You’re Closed and Once You Reopen
  • Patient Letter
  • Office Signage
Ready to get your personalized reopening plan? Have questions? Reach out and let’s get started!
As always, we’re here to help. It’s time to get back to work.
Warm regards,
Jill Nastasia
Founder & CEO, MDPM Dental Marketing