How Should I Blog In 2017?

Should you change how you blog in 2017? That depends. If until now, you’ve maintained a focus on relevant content geared toward your patients and potential clients, then you may not need to change anything. However, if not, then content should definitely be your focus. After all, whenever Google makes an algorithm change and the SEO (search engine optimization) world scrambles, the overall purpose of the change is to draw users to quality content. Therefore, you want to make sure you have content that captures the attention of both your user and Google.


How do you optimize your posts? First, you can use long-tail keywords. These are keywords designed to mirror the way someone may search for a topic when using a smartphone. For example, instead of “teeth whitening” you would use “Whiten teeth in Dallas,” or something similar. But remember to limit keyword placement to three to five mentions, otherwise you could be penalized for keyword stuffing. Likewise, you should also only have three to five links, and they should direct people to related blog posts, a related page on the website, your contact information, and/or your social media pages. Your city or town should be mentioned as well, remember that you’re not targeting the nation, but members of your community.


Content is–and always will be–king. Your blog posts need to be original and well-written, free of any grammar issues. While you can cover the same topics multiple times, just make sure your copy is fresh each time. You can be penalized for repeating content, which can lead to lower rankings. Also, make sure your posts are related to your services!

Do I Share My Posts?

Yes! After publishing them on your website, share your blog posts on your social media pages. Your blogs can act as an introduction to you and your services, especially if your social media followers share or like them.

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