How Do I Increase Leads?

That is a question our clients often ask. What can they do to increase leads? There are a number of ways you can reach out to your community and hopefully attract new patients, but one of the more overlooked avenues is actually blogging. When done correctly and often enough, posting blogs can offer a significant increase in contact from potential patients.

Blogging’s SEO Benefits

Why should you be blogging in the first place and how can this lead to…well, leads? When you post a blog, you have given new content for Google’s bots to crawl and index. The new material can often translate into higher rankings, particularly if you continue to provide a steady stream of new content (which we will discuss further). As you climb the rankings, when someone searches for a dentist in your community, you’re more likely to be that coveted first page of the results. Now, be aware that once you start this process, it could take up to six months to notice a significant change in your position on a search engines results page. Like all good things, SEO requires hard work, persistence, and patience.

How Often Should I Be Posting?

This is the key! If you only post sporadically or a couple times a month, you may not notice a high jump in leads or on a search engine results page. However, studies show that posting four times a month (16 times a month) or more can generate up to 4.5 times as many leads. Basically, the more frequent you post, the better the results.

What Does a Blog Post Need?

Of course, just posting a blog isn’t enough. You have to post quality content. Each post needs to be original, well-written, and free of errors. You can cover the same topics multiple times, but don’t reshare the same content. Each post should incorporate links back to your website or to related blogs, and long tail keywords optimized for a local search. We also recommend pictures or videos to break up walls of texts. As for length, too long, and people won’t read it. Too short, and they won’t spend enough time on the page to net results. We’ve found that a blog between 350 and 500 words seems to be the perfect length for our clients (and their readers/patients).

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