FAQs: How Do I Choose Blog Topics?

Blogging offers dentists a number of benefits, including the chance to help boost SEO. However, for many professionals, blogging can be a bit of a challenge. The number one challenge? Choosing what to write about! How do you choose a blog topic? What factors should you keep in mind when deciding what to focus on?

Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing Blog Topics

Question: What’s the first step in choosing a topic?

Answer: Knowing your audience! Who are you writing for? You should think about your patients and what questions they often ask. You should also consider wiring about topics that could help them or address common issues you encounter in your practice. Remember, your blog isn’t just there to improve crawl rates and hopefully lead to better rankings, they’re also there to be read by your patients and showcase your expertise.

Question: Should I blog about my community?

Answer: Yes! We often recommend clients blog a few times each month about their community. Not only does this help local SEO, but writing about your city and the events taking place there can help you become a bigger part of said community.

Question: What if I’ve already covered a topic before?

Answer: That’s okay! In fact, I’ve covered this same topic before as well. However, that doesn’t mean I’m copying and pasting the content. Reposting old blogs or copying portions verbatim doesn’t help you SEO wise. You can write about the same topics, but the content should be unique every time.

Question: How often should I blog?

Answer: That depends on a number of different factors. For some of our clients, we recommend one or two blogs per week, others benefit significantly from posting five days a week. Studies show that the optimal results are typically achieved by blogging four to five days per week. If you have any questions about blogging, or if you need help from our talented copywriters, then contact our office today!

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