Can Psychology Improve Your Copy?

Writing copy can be a challenge. You don’t want your website and blog to appear like a cheap sales pitch, trying every cliché available to convince people to visit. However, you do want to appeal to your patients and remind them of the importance of preventive care, restorative procedures, and even cosmetic treatments. Can you use psychology to improve your copy and better appeal to your patients?

Common Psychological Principles to Help Improve Copy

  1. Value-Based Wording: Simply put, this means highlighting how a service benefits you by choosing words that will make more of an impact. For example, if you’re talking about say, teeth whitening, you could say whitening removes teeth stains, but you could also say teeth whitening helps patients enjoy a brighter smile. In the second option, you’ve highlighted how the procedure impacts the patient’s appearance, which can be a more successful motivator.
  2. Add a Sense of Urgency: Why do many businesses offer specials that only last a weekend, or why do some chain restaurants only offer certain foods/drinks during a brief window in the year? Because they want to create a sense of urgency. If the customer fears missing out on something they will act quickly. As a dentist, how do you accomplish this for your business? One way is to offer deals around the holidays, such as a cosmetic treatment or preventive visit. By tying them to a holiday and adding an expiration date it adds a sense of exigency.
  3. Trigger Emotions: This is similar to value-based wording, only this one focuses on how the results of a procedure can change how a patient feels/acts. You see this all the time in advertising for cosmetic treatments, such as Invisalign. By saying that straightening teeth can help a patient feel more confident, you trigger an emotion. Who doesn’t want to feel more confident? Let your patients know how others have felt after receiving a new crown, teeth whitening, or whatever treatment you want to highlight and recommend to potential patients.

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