9 Tips For Better Blogging

As we mentioned before, blogging is a great way to improve SEO. You have an opportunity to implement keyword and link building strategies, show off your dental expertise, and share unique content on social media. Google also has a regular dose of new material to crawl and index (a great way to help rankings improve). With that in mind, we’re going to look at a few tips for better blogging.

Tips for Better Blogging

  1. Write About Your Community: Take one blog every week or so and dedicate it to your community. Write about upcoming events in your town, raise awareness about charities, or shine the spotlight on a community member’s big achievement. Not only to you have a chance to incorporate local keywords, but people on social media may be more likely to share your content!
  2. Choose Topics Based on Patient Knowledge: Aside from the occasional community post, you should focus on dentistry. Think about your patients, what questions do they often ask? What issues do they often run into? These are great topics for your blog!
  3. Pick the Right Keywords: You should focus on long tail keywords, which instead of being limited to just a service, are actually in the form of a question or phrase. “Whiten smiles in Dallas” or “Why does my tooth hurt?” can help patients in your community posing the same queries on Google find your blog.
  4. Include Links: You should always have between three and five links, going to related page son your website, your contact page, and to prior (but related) blogs.
  5. Try Different Formats: Shake things up! Try quizzes, FAQs, listicles, anything to avoid writing the same format day in and day out.
  6. Watch Your Word Count: Too short, and they do nothing for SEO. Too long, and people will turn away. Try to shoot for between 350 and 500 words.
  7. Use Images: Avoid walls of text with photos and videos. But remember, Google’s bots can’t see pictures, so you will need to label them.
  8. Share on Social Media: Share your content! An active social media presence can help SEO and offer a chance to introduce your practice to other people in your patients’ circles.
  9. Never Reuse Copy: You can address the same topic multiple times, but never reuse an old blog post. Reusing copy and stealing content can lead to penalties for your site.

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