5 Ways You Can Shake Up Your Dental Blogs

Blogging is vital for improving rankings and to help you maintain a reputation as a knowledgeable professional. However, one can easily get stuck in a rut, feeling like you’ve covered the same topics again and again. Fortunately, there are ways to shake up your dental blogs. After all, regardless of search engine optimization (SEO), you want to make sure you’re offering readers and patients accurate, informative, and yes, interesting content.

5 Ways to Shake Up Your Dental Blogs

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Change Formats: You can stick to the tried and true format which consists of an introductory paragraph, a body of one to three paragraphs, and a conclusion. Although there is nothing wrong with that, it can begin to feel stale. Instead, include a FAQ or Q&A format, try a quiz, or the always popular list format, such as 5 Ways to Avoid Cavities.
  2. Add Urgency: If a holiday is approaching, post the kind of topics your patients may inquire about. For example, one of our writers recently wrote one entitled, “How Do I Brighten My Teeth Before The Holidays.” This addresses an issue important to many patients and also has a sense of urgency, making readers realize that the time to undergo cosmetic treatment before the next office gathering is growing short.
  3. Be Willing To Warn Your Patients: You don’t want to be a fearmonger for every post, but as a dentist you know the dangers of ignoring routine visits or not taking proper care of your smile. Feel free to occasionally remind readers about the risks cavities can pose, or how once gum disease forms, it’s incurable. A little fear can often motivate people to contact their dentist.
  4. Talk About Your Community: If you want to feel like a part of the community, show that in your blogs. Talk about community events occasionally, or share news from your town. Outside of the office, you and your staff can also attend events, or operate a booth at a fall or spring festival, distributing dental-hygiene related free gifts while meeting members of the community.
  5. Feature Office Updates: Have you added a new staff member? Did someone have a baby? Have you recently purchased a snazzy new piece of equipment that will improve treatment? Don’t keep it to yourself, share the news!

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