5 Tips For Writing Optimized Blog Posts

Do you operate a blog for your dental practice? If you do, great! Doing so can accomplish of number of things, from improving SEO to showcasing your expertise in dentistry. However, there are a few tips you should keep in mind for writing optimized blog posts!

Tips for Writing Optimized Blog Posts

  1. Always Label Pictures and Videos: Pictures and videos can help break up blocks of texts and make your posts more pleasing to the eye. As a result, people are more likely to read them. However, Google’s bots can’t “see” the pictures. You will need to label them to optimize them. So, if you have a blog about teeth whitening, then you may label it “NAME teeth whitening” or “NAME whiten smile.”
  2. Don’t Stuff Keywords: Keywords are an excellent way to help improve local SEO, helping to ensure a search in your community for similar services will lead a user to you. However, don’t assume that putting as many as you can will help. Stuffing keywords can not only hurt your rankings, they can lead to your website being penalized. Try to limit them to three to seven mentions per page, and use synonyms!
  3. Make Sure Links are Relevant: Links are vital, but they also lead to be relevant. A blog about teeth whitening should link to the teeth whitening page, as well as other blogs on a similar subject. Keeping them relevant (and including some that direct people to your contact information) can be very beneficial.
  4. Don’t Settle for a Single Format: Don’t just stick with three paragraphs or Q&A, try to change it up. Including quizzes, lists, and other formats to avoid becoming stale or repetitive.
  5. Watch Your Word Count: Now, some experts will recommend a higher word count, 1000 words or more. However, if your blogs are too long, people could avoid them altogether. We find that between 350 and 500 words includes enough copy to place organic keywords and links, without intimidating potential readers.

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