5 Tips For Optimizing Your Dental Blogs

The goal of a blog is to provide informative content for patients and people looking for information on their oral health. In addition, you want content that Google can crawl and index, and hopefully, use to drive traffic to your website. In order to accomplish this, you need to optimize your dental blog.

Optimizing Your Dental Blogs

  1. Title Tags and Metadata Descriptions: Your title tag will show up in a Google search and should be limited to 60 words. If you need more than 60, then front load your keywords so they show up in a search engines results page. In addition, the metadata is the brief description of the content of your page, which again should contain relevant keywords so potential patients know exactly what you’re offering.
  2. Keywords in Content: Long tail keywords are typically in the form of a question, more specifically, a question someone interested in your services would ask. Creating a good keyword can allow you to target your content towards the patients you want and the patients more likely to be looking for your office. For example, if you offer dental implants, keywords about replacing missing teeth or asking how long dental implants last can be beneficial. You can put these keywords in headers and within the copy itself.
  3. Go Mobile: You should also have a mobile-friendly website, which makes your content easy to read and navigate on a smartphone. Google understand show vital mobile is and is now focusing on mobile-first indexing. If you aren’t ready for mobile, we can help!
  4. Look at Your URL: Your URL tells a search engine what your content is about. Instead of having a string of numbers, try to alter your URL to contain a keyword or relevant information about your page. For example: www.dallasdentist.com/teeth-whitening-treatment.
  5. Internal Links: If you can, include relevant links within your posts and webpages to other related webpages and blog posts. For example, a post on sleep apnea should include links to past blogs covering the same topic, as well as your sleep apnea page on your website.

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