Client Feature: Saxonburg Dental Care

It’s Friday, which means we’re just hours away from a three-day weekend, AND we’ve got another client feature! As a consulting company, we try to share our knowledge and skills in any way we can. Whether it’s the technical expertise that goes into designing a website, or the experiential know-how that comes from working with so many amazing dental practices, we want to help others grow. This week’s feature is a new client of ours that we quickly helped with a brand new website. It’s time to get to know Saxonburg Dental Care!

Saxonburg Dental Care’s Website Is a Reflection of the Practice

Your website is your business card. It’s how you introduce yourself to a prospective new client, so it’s important that your website reflects who you are. That was our goal when creating a new website for Dr. Saxonburg, so we included the practice’s vision statement on the home page: “The vision of Saxonburg Dental Care is to provide comprehensive dental care in a comfortable, fun, and judgement-free environment.”

This lets patients know what to expect right away. When making updates to your website, you should consider what your practice’s core values are. Tell your patients what makes your team special.

Setting Expectations Is Vital for Creating a Positive Experience

Think about the experiences you’ve had with service. Many of them come down to what you were expecting to find versus the reality of the situation. If you expect to receive five-star service at a restaurant only to be met with a disinterested waiter, you’re going to feel disappointed. Telling your patients what to expect at your practice helps you shape their experience. Saxonburg promises a comfortable, welcoming environment with customized care plans for each family. When your clients choose you for the experience you choose advertise, they’ll be happy with the service.

Let MDPM Consulting Create a Website that Fits You

Is your website up-to-date? Is it a reflection of your dental practice? If you could use an image update, talk to MDPM Consulting. Our team will be happy to help you create an online image that matches your in-person experience. To learn more about our services, contact MDPM Consulting in Dallas, TX at 972-781-8861.