Client Feature: Dr. Bonura and Silver Smiles

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for us to turn a spotlight on one of our clients. We love helping clients grow their practices and keep their schedules full. We get to work with so many wonderful dentists, and we want more people to get to experience their great services! This week, we’re giving a shout out to a dentist who was just named one of the top kids dentists in New Mexico. Excellent service and a friendly environment help Dr. Bonura and her practice, Silver Smiles, provide an awesome experience for the residents of Silver City, NM.

Silver Smiles Embraces Contemporary Technology to Provide a Better Experience

After spending time at Creighton University, the Baylor College of Dentistry, and the University of New Mexico, Dr. Bonura picked up plenty of basic and advanced dentistry techniques. Throughout her education, Dr. Bonura saw the value that embracing technology has for both dentist and patient. By consistently learning and utilizing new technology, Dr. Bonura and her staff can operate with more precision and provide a more comfortable experience for patients.

Celebrating a Positive Online Reputation Has Helped Silver Smiles Grow

In addition to providing a great experience for patients that visit Silver Smiles, Dr. Bonura and her staff have cultivated a positive online reputation — and celebrated that fact. You need patients to speak highly of you online to attract new patients. Help potential clients find those positive reviews by posting them on your website, like Silver Smiles does. When you let potential patients know what kind of an experience is waiting for them, and you use the credibility of other patients, you’ll grow your practice organically. This presents a more sustainable form of growth than advertising.

Let MDPM Manage Your Online Reputation and Grow Your Practice

As a consulting firm, MDPM provides a whole range of services. We can build a new website for your practice and optimize it for search. We can also help you grow your social media presence and manage your online reputation. You already provide great service, now you need to let your potential patients know about it. Call MDPM Consulting in Dallas, TX today at 972-781-8861 and talk to us about how we can help.