Is Our Social Media Kit Right For You?

Social media is a unique, and free, way of reaching out to your current patients and hopefully, gaining a few leads in the process. However, for dentists and their staff, finding time to keep these pages active can be difficult. In addition, many simply don’t know what should and shouldn’t be posted, or how often they should share content. Fortunately, our social media kit can help!

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media

Question: How does social media impact SEO?

Answer: When Google ranks a website, they look at a number of different factors, including content and local SEO. They also take social media into account. An active presence can help boost rankings, as Google takes this as an indicator that the business communicates regularly with satisfied clientele.

Question: Do potential patients look at my social networking accounts?

Answer: Yes! If you want to find out more about a business, what do you look for? A nice website and a social networking page are often indicators of a legitimize business. We also often turn to Facebook to look at reviews from previous patients or customers. As a business owner, an active presence is crucial for helping people diced to make that call and schedule an appointment.

Question: How does the kit work?

Answer: Each month, clients with a monthly SEO package will receive a kit with a month’s worth of posts, three per week. The posts will revolve around special events, holidays, and some will be dental oriented. On the last week of the month, the next kit will arrive. You can schedule all the posts in one afternoon, or post them throughout the month. For clients, the kit is free!

Question: What if I’ not a client?

Answer: If you’re not a client or if you don’t have a monthly SEO package, you can still obtain the kit for just $99.

Do you have questions about maintaining an active presence on your social networking sites? Looking for new ways to help your practice grow? Then contact us today and let us help! Send an email to MDPM Consulting at, or give us a call at 972-781-8861!