5 Tips For Planning Your Social Media Strategy

Recently, Hubspot published a long list of stats regarding how to improve your reach on social media. As you know, we believe social media can help you better engage your patients and potentially attract new clients. In fact, we even offer our clients a free kit to assist with this. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at a few tips for planning your social media strategy.

Planning Your Social Media Strategy

  1. Facebook Posts with Images Get Twice as Many Views: That’s right, studies show that on Facebook, images can net you twice as much engagement. We also recommend using pictures in your blogs for the same reasons. Images and videos can make the posts appear more reader friendly, breaking up blocks of text.
  2. Twitter Posts Also Receive More Retweets and Likes with Pictures: On Twitter, picks can lead to 18 percent more clicks. In addition, including hashtags and @s can also increase the rate at which your content is retweeted, clicked on, and replied to. Engagement is the goal, after all.
  3. Video Sometimes Reaches Greater Audiences (But Sometimes not): On Facebook, videos reach a larger audience size. However, on Instagram photos still enjoy a greater reach than videos. This goes to show that what works on one platform may not necessary be the best course of action for another. Always do your research!
  4. Certain Days and Certain Times Make a Difference: Did you know that Instagram users are more involved on Mondays through Thursdays from 8am to 9am, and 5pm to 2am? And the best time to reach an audience on Pinterest is on Saturdays from 2pm to 4pm and again at 8pm? On Twitter, clickthrough rates are at their peak on Wednesday. Knowing this information can help you improve your social media reach.
  5. Frequent Posting can Help: The exact amount varies and you have to find the balance between staying engaged and blowing up your patients’ feeds. Companies typically post in Instagram between 11 and 20 times a month; 15 to 30 times a day for Pinterest; and 20 posts a month for LinkedIn.

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