How Do You Improve Social Media Engagement?

In recent years, the way we reach new potential clients has changed dramatically. More than ever, businesses and practices are depending on social media to reach out to people and provide a much-needed SEO boost. How do you accomplish this on a social networking site? How do you improve social media engagement?

Frequently Asked Questions About Engaging Social Media

Question: Should I consider an in-office promotion?

Answer: Yes! This is an excellent way to encourage people to “like” you on Facebook, or follow you on another social networking page. You can reward them with a gift card to their local coffee shop or similar establishment. An immediate reward increases the likelihood of the patient following through with a “like,” or following you on Twitter or Instagram.

Question: How do I create shareable content?

Answer: Once you’ve created a successful promotion that has people following you, how do you keep their interest? What can you post that they will be more likely to share with their friends, or to comment on? There are actually several options, and we encourage you to post a variety of different things on a regular basis. You should always share your blog posts, but also post office updates, such as birthdays or new hires. Maybe someone on your staff had a baby? Share this information! Also, fun facts and trivia, or funny comics related to dentistry. Keep it interesting and continue to post regularly.

Question: Does MDPM offer assistance with social media engagement?

Answer: Yes. We not only help you set up your social media accounts, we can also aid in managing them and posting content. We also offer a free special media kit that includes images and content to post on a variety of platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.

Question: Who qualifies for the social media kit?

Answer: We offer this free kit to our clients who currently carry a monthly SEO package. If you have questions about our kit, or improving your social media engagement, never hesitate to email or call our team!

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