Dental Swag Bags: That Extra-Special Something

Goody bags, gift with purchase, swag bags–simple gestures that have a major impact on patient satisfaction and loyalty. It’s not always expected, but it always delights. You don’t have to spend a ton to put together a decent bag; a thoughtfully curated selection of small items will do nicely. Your patient won’t hold it against you if you don’t offer giveaways, but a half-baked effort sends the wrong message entirely.

Who Is the Recipient?

The patient, obviously, but let’s get specific. Do you market your dental practice to one or two key demographics–age group, income bracket, lifestyle–or do you serve a diverse clientele? For example, some of our dentists work exclusively with geriatric patients; others cater to the rich and famous. Are they willing to pay a bit more for high-end oral care products, or are they cost-conscious? As for mature patients, you might consider including items (or coupons for those items)  that accommodate limited dexterity. Printed materials are excellent for older patients, whereas other age groups are increasingly less likely to use printed coupons, preferring instead to use offer codes and exclusive digital deals.

What Services Do You Offer?

If you have a specialty or signatures service, you can use it as a starting point. For example, if you want to market cosmetic dentistry at your practice, you might include products and offers related to health, beauty, and body care. If you primarily provide dentures, opt for samples of cleansing solution, adhesive, and denture-safe oral hygiene products. A children’s dentist could include treats both for parents and children–a puzzle, game, or toothbrush accompanied by a special money-saving offer for Mom and Dad.

We’re also getting more requests for e-books these days. When you consider how many people read using their smart phone or tablet, you can see why. Include a QR code or link to allow your patient to easily access your content.

Not Just for Office Visits

Giveaways are an effective tool for strengthening relationships with your existing patients, and they’re ideal for creating awareness among  prospective patients. We’ve seen this tactic used successfully in a variety of settings, including:

  • Bridal expos
  • Fashion shows
  • Modeling and entertainment conventions
  • New student orientations on college campuses
  • School-sponsored events, PTA meetings, and fundraisers
  • Sporting events and marathons bonus points for sponsoring a youth sports team)
  • Community wide health events and screening

We’re always here to help you with the design and printing of your dental marketing collateral. Each item, whether it’s a brochure, appointment reminder card, or letterhead, is created by our talented writers and designers–with your vision, of course.

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