Does Social Media Have An Impact On SEO?

Most businesses now operate one or more social networking pages. Doing so is seen as essential for communicating with patients. But does social media have an impact on SEO? Can having an active presence actually improve your rankings? Or is this mainly a tool to maintain communication with current patients and hopefully attract new leads?

Social Media and SEO

Google takes a number of factors into consideration when ranking a website, such as whether they are mobile-friendly. While not a major factor, social media does have an impact. The search giant wants to provide good user experience, directing people to the sites that will be most helpful for them. When they see an active presence, it may be assumed that this is a practice that is helpful and engaged with their patients. For that reason, you definitely have a benefit to maintaining pages across multiple platforms.

Reaching Out to Your Patients

Another benefit: When you share content, you provide items for your current patients to like, comment on, and hopefully, share. You stay in the forefront of their minds and in addition, you can be introduced to a larger circle of people. Hopefully, some will come to you when they need a smile issue addressed.

What Should You Share?

Studies show that to receive the most from your pages, you need to be sharing content at least 4 times a week, 16 times a month. You can share your blog posts, any new ages you’ve added to your site, or updates about staff or specials/promotions you may be running.

We can Help!

If you need help with content, remember that our clients with a monthly SEO package can receive a free social media kit. The kit arrives each month with enough posts to share something three times a week over the course of the month. If you don’t have a package, the kit is only $99 a month.

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