Can Dentists Use Facebook Live?

Have you ever had a notification pop-up your personal or practice Facebook page that said one of your followers or friends was live? For about a year now, Facebook has made a new app available to users. As a dentist, social media can be an excellent way of reaching out to your patients and hopefully, connecting with new leads. Can dentists use Facebook Live?

How Does Facebook Live Work?

When you download the app, you can livestream videos directly to your page. This is valuable because you can also see instant data, including the exact number of people watching. People can also like specific portions of the videos, providing you with detailed feedback about what aspects best reach your audience. Afterward, the video is saved to your page, where you can add a title (perfect time for some local keywords) and even edit it for a more succinct video.

Using Live as a Dentist

But how can you use this app as a dentist? We have a few ideas!

  • Address Questions: Instead of just answering questions in comments, why not talk directly to your audience? You can address frequently asked questions to talk about a recent blog. You can let people know in a post that you’re going to have an upcoming live event and encourage them to leave questions for you to answer in your live video.
  • Go Behind the Scenes: You can show people your office, the tools and technology you implement, or introduce them to different team members and what they do. When a potential patient visits your page, you have more than just a few professional photographs and statuses to let them know who you are and what you offer.
  • Showcase Events: Are you participating in a local fair? Taking part in a community event? Why not livestream it? Your audience may be more likely to watch, and hopefully, more likely to make an appointment in the near future.

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