Are You Making The Most Out Of Social Media?

At this stage, you and most likely everyone you know has at least one social networking account. Social media has changed how we interact and keep up with friends and family. In addition, it has also made huge changes to how businesses, including dental practices, reach out to patients and attract new leads. Are you making the most out of social media? Can your presence on social networking sites boost your patient outreach and help grow your practice?

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media

Question: Can social networking assist in reputation management?

Answer: Yes! Some sites, such as Facebook, allow users to leave reviews on your page. Reviews are important, as most people look at them before they decide whether to contact a business or even view their website. A lack of reviews can often hurt your ability to attract new patients, so having an account on a social networking site like Facebook can create another avenue for patients to leave testimonials.

Question: Should I be using multiple social media accounts?

Answer: We believe so. At minimum, you should have a Twitter and a Facebook account. Others maintain that you should also have Instagram and Pinterest Pages. The benefits of Snapchat for a practice are debatable, but if you have the time and inclination you can use that as well.

Question: What should I be sharing?

Answer: Have you added a new staff member? Did your team take part in a community event? Are you offering a new special? All of these are things to share. In addition, if you maintain a blog (which offers a number of SEO benefits) you can share your posts. Remember, if your current patients like, share, comment, or re-tweet, it exposes your office to a much wider audience.

Question: Can you help?

Answer: Yes! We currently offer a social media kit for our clients. Free for clients with a monthly SEO package and just $99 for everyone else, the kit includes a month’s worth of statuses that can be shared across multiple platforms. Many of them can also be personalized for your office!

Do you have questions about operating a successful and active social media presence? We can help! Send MDPM an email at:, or give us a call at 972-781-8861. Talk to MDPM Consulting today!