How Does A Google Broad Core Update Affect Your SEO?

Will you be affected by Google’s latest broad core algorithm update? Earlier this month, the search engine announced that it was implementing another one of its algorithm updates, one that can affect all search results and topics. This is not a change in response to a specific issue, or one that is meant to correct an ongoing issue. As new links and websites continue to appear and require indexing by search engines, broad core updates help ensure that pages are being properly evaluated and ranked over time. As a result, some sites can slip in search engine results pages (SERPs), even if they have not done anything wrong. It is worth noting that in addition to evaluating a site’s content and features, Google relies on user engagement and user experience to gauge where different links should be ranked.

So how will your SEO efforts be impacted now that Google has implemented a new update? If new dental practices have opened up around you and created websites of their own, or if your website is aging to the point where it is not as user-friendly as it could be, it can be hard to maintain your visibility in relevant searches. We have experience helping dental practices generate better results through digital marketing because we focus on organic SEO efforts. In addition to making your sites more attractive, and providing valuable content for your pages, we can talk to you about efforts that go beyond website management to help you connect with more people online, and attract new patients.

Will You Be Affected By Google’s January 2020 Broad Core Update?

Sites that slip in search rankings after a broad core algorithm update can worry that they are being punished, or that they are making a mistake they need to fix. One thing you should realize is that when Google implements a large algorithm update, it is not just a way to target flawed sites. These updates simply help the search engine ensure it is keeping up with changes that have occurred in the digital world. What this could mean is that your site’s relative value compared to other sites has been reconsidered, and that may lead to lower rankings. This can be a particular problem for websites that have gone without updates for an extended period of time, or those that rely on outdated SEO efforts.

An Outdated Approach To Digital Marketing Can Lead To Difficulties

While keywords and link building still have value, there are other factors that Google will consider when ranking different web pages. If your approach to SEO has not changed accordingly, it can become increasingly difficult to stay visible online. Is something holding your website back, and making it harder for you to attract new patients online? You could have difficulties due to the following:

  • Thin, copied, or insufficient site content
  • Slow site speeds, or frequent issues with website problems
  • A lack of mobile-friendly features
  • A lack of technical SEO features that help your site communicate with Google
  • Competition from other practices that have newer and better-designed websites
  • And more

While some websites turn to pay-per-click marketing to work around difficulties in reaching potential patients, this approach can offer less control, and require more costs. If you want to see more value from your digital presence, a modern approach to organic SEO marketing can be beneficial.

Keeping Up With Google Updates Can Benefit Your SEO

If your website is outdated, lacks support, or is not mobile-friendly, recent Google updates may have made it harder for you to reach potential patients. However, if you are keeping up with changes to Google and online marketing, algorithm updates can be a positive opportunity. We pay attention to SEO trends, and stay focused on the importance of positive user experiences for digital marketing. We can help you stay current with SEO so that you receive favorable rankings from Google and other search engines. When you stay current, and competing practices fail to keep up with online marketing trends, updates can work in your favor!

Is It Time To Update Your Website?

Simply put, it may be time to update your website design, or even replace your current website with a new one, if you want to take advantage of online marketing. Typically, a website’s life cycle is around three years. Holding onto your site beyond this, and putting off design and technical changes, can hurt you in several ways. Your site can begin to slow down, and it may be poorly designed for users who visit your links on tablets and mobile devices. You also have to worry about the new websites that are being built and put online, which can have the right design and technical features to grab better spots in SERPs. We are prepared to oversee important changes to your digital presence. We can talk to you about the value of a new site design, or work with you on building a new, better website to support your practice.

Taking Online Marketing Beyond Your Website And Search Engine Optimization

SEO and website management can be vital to your ability to reach people online. With that said, there are other avenues for online marketing we can help you pursue in order to bring new patients to your practice! Through reputation management support, we can encourage more patients to leave positive reviews. We can also help you direct people to the review sites that can have the most value when it comes to visibility and SEO. We also provide dedicated support for your social media activity. With our help, you can take advantage of social platforms to better interact with your current patients, and reach more new people!

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Maintain An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

At MDPM Consulting, we keep up with trends and developments that can impact your SEO. We can help you build a website to start advertising your new dental practice or franchise, or we can help you revitalize your digital presence in order to see better results from online marketing. To find out more, please contact MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861.