What Should I Do If I Receive Negative Reviews?

Seeing a positive testimonial on your social media pages or on your Google page can be exhilarating. Not only is a person letting you know how well your team did, but this can also help other people in their decision to make an appointment. But what about negative reviews? How should you react to those? If they’re fake, can you remove them?

Respond and Share!

Don’t simply ignore the one-star review. Respond! Let them know you’re sorry they had a negative experience and that you would love for them to call you to resolve the issue. By doing so, you appear as a mature professional, which can help cast the review in a new light for a potential patient. In addition, should you know the review is fake, or if you suddenly receive an influx of false ones, then let us know!

Encourage Positive Reviews

When patients have a great experience at your office, ask them to leave their testimonial on Google or Facebook. You’d be surprised how many people will lave one when you simply ask. In addition, we can help with our “Have a Cup of Coffee on Us” campaign. We provide a nice sign for your office that says in exchange for a review, the patient receives a $5 gift card to Starbucks. We’ve had great success with this campaign, especially when compared to promotions involving being entered into a drawing to potentially win a bigger prize. People prefer a smaller, but guaranteed, reward in our experience.

Getting Them Removed

Now, what if you receive one or several fake reviews? We can contact Google via social media or their forum to try and get them removed. In some cases, this works, but other times not, because you have to convince Google that these are indeed false. Some companies have actually shared the fake reviews on social media, pointing out that their false and making light of the situation. When people see them, they then know these one-star ratings don’t reflect a practice’s services.

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