The Importance Of E-E-A-T In Your Content

e-e-a-t Dallas txWe all know that firsthand expertise gives valuable insight into a topic. Experience now plays also a pivotal role in reaching more patients through local Search Engine Optimization. This is because since 2022, Google has incorporated experience into their Search Quality Rater Guidelines in order to provide searchers with higher quality results. So how does this impact your approach to your practice’s marketing? Let’s dig in a little bit and explore the possibilities and limitations that come with the E-E-A-T guidelines.

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What Is E-E-A-T, And How Does It Affect My Rankings?

Starting in 2014, Google released a set of guidelines designed to improve the accuracy of their search results and enact a set of standards to maintain their level of quality. There were three main criteria that were put into place, and these are known by the acronym E-A-T, standing or Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These three still play an important role in creating content for your website that hits the right notes and effectively reaches people, but in 2022, they added another item to the list: Experience.

As you might imagine, Experience looks to find content that demonstrates firsthand knowledge of the subject. The idea is that by interacting with a topic, a writer is more likely to have accurate and insightful information, and it makes sense, as this is a helpful way for us in our daily lives to understand whether someone knows what they are talking about.

Incorporating Experience And Location Into SEO Content Copywriting

This means that if your content does not show firsthand experience, it could harm your SERP rankings and keep you from reaching the top of your search results. Since Expertise is now one of the four criteria on Google’s guidelines, you want to make sure that you show it in your content. Otherwise, it could hold you back in making that first connection with your audience. In the dental world, you have stiff competition and everyone is looking for an advantage.

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