What You Can Do To Help Houston

By now you’ve seen what’s happening in Huston on social media or the news. Thousands in need of rescue, nonstop rain exasperating already record setting flood waters, and the impact on Houston and other coastal cities in Texas only grows worse. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can help provide relief in Houston. Below, we’ll talk about a few things you can do to assist evacuees. Helping does not require leaving your town. Local charities and organizations are already sending crucial supplies, and your community can come together to quickly replenish them!

Local Food Banks

Many local food banks across Texas are sending what supplies they can. This will quickly deplete their stores of food. While you can absolutely donate food items, often the banks can do more good with money. Even a small amount of money donated can allow them to purchase large amounts of food and water to transport to Houston and other areas impacted by the storm. You can click here to find local food banks to donate to. If you want to donate supplies, Huffington Post has an excellent article that highlights a number of organizations you can either volunteer with or donate too. If you live in Dallas, remember that up to 5,000 people displaced by the storm will be coming to the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center. Other shelters operated by the Rd Cross are opening as well. Since these shelters can only help a small portion of the people fleeing the storms, authorities are encouraging people to take in families and individuals stranded.

Donating Blood

The storm is not only leading to blood bank closures on the coats, but organizations are quickly going through their stores to help injured people. Consider donating blood this week!

Helping Our Four-Legged Friends

Many animals and pets are without homes and are being taken in by organizations such as the SPCA. You can donate your time or supplies to help, as these shelters will quickly see their resources stretched.

If you happen upon any other organizations or options for helping, please let us know. We will gladly share on our social media pages and update this post.