How Do You Write A Community Blog?

Blogging can help your practice grow, offering SEO benefits and showcasing your expertise as a dentist. However, that doesn’t mean every topic needs to focus only on dental treatment and procedures. Occasionally, blogging about your community can offer serious benefits. How do you write a community blog? What topics should you cover?

What Should You Write About?

Well, what’s happening in your community? This time of year, there are fall festivals, holiday light shows, parades, and other events. You can write about them, or better yet, participate in them and write about your experience. You then have a chance to meet people and let them put a face to your practice. People may also be more willing to share and comment on your content, which helps introduce your practice to people in their friends list and followers. As we covered in our blog on tangential blogs, the most shared content may not have anything to really do with topics related to your practice.

Format and Word Count

Like other blogs, be sure you’ve formatted correctly. You want your blog to be readable and free of grammar problems. You should also pay attention to word count. Less than 300 to 350 words can mean you don’t have the copy space to properly implement keywords and links. More than 500 words and the blogs can be too large and unwieldly. Even though you aren’t writing about a specific procedure or treatment, you still have a chance to place local keywords in your post and link to other sites related to your community post.

SEO Benefits

Since you’re writing about your community, you have plenty of chance for local keywords and links, which can help your rankings when people search for a dentist in your area. In addition, since this content is likely to be shared on social media, your rankings can improve. While not a major factor, an active social media presence still factors into rankings.

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