Client Feature: Boss’s Day Shout Out

Hello Friday! The end of the week is especially fun for us at MDPM Consulting because we get to give a special shout out to some of our amazing clients! This week, we wanted to focus on one element of social strategy that we noticed many of our clients utilizing. You can easily incorporate this tactic into your own social programming in the future. We want to give a shout out to the dental practices celebrating boss’s day! Boss’s day is just one of many official-ish holidays on the any-reason-to-celebrate calendar, but it presents a fun opportunity for your dental practice.

Celebrating Holidays (However Official) on Your Social Pages Is an Expression of Personality

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the most effective use of social media for your dental practice is to create an engaged community of people who like what you do. This becomes a huge asset when it’s time to encourage patients to schedule their next visit or educate them on a helpful treatment option.

How do you build that engaged community? By creating content that is fun and personable. That’s what Peddicord Family Dentistry did with its Boss’s Day post this week. When you show the members of your office staff having fun, it showcases your personality and humanizes your practice.

Entertaining, Feel-Good Content Should Be the Goal for Your Social Pages

In the scramble to generate content that engages or educates your audience, you can sometimes forget a simple truth about social media — people want to see things that make them happy. If you’re having fun with something in the office like Boss’s Day, share the experience with your following! Social strategy doesn’t always have to be about meticulously crafting a particular image. Authenticity is just as important.

MDPM Consulting Wants to Help You Share Your Story

If you’re a current client and your office is doing something fun, let us know about it! We want to share your story with your patients. If you’re trying to build and engage a social media audience, we can help. Our reputation management, social media, and content creation services can help you organically grow your online presence. For more information on all of MDPM Consulting’s services, contact the Dallas, TX office at 972-781-8861.