Creating a Brand (And Gaining Reviews) with Social Media

Woman using smart phone, social media icons rising from the screen on brown background.As some states have opened completely while others may in fact close again, trying to communicate with your patients and attract new ones is a challenge, given the current circumstances. With proper branding, however, your dental website and social media pages can work in tandem to gain reviews and thus letting people know your doors are open for essential and non-essential treatments. In today’s blog, MDPM Dental Marketing explains how we use the link between social media reviews and page views, and offer branding services to help your practice continue to thrive even in these challenging times.

Consistency Between Your Website and Social Media Pages

First, make sure there is consistency between both your webpages and your social media pages. Your phone number, hours of operation, physical address, and your business name should be exactly the same. Your cover photo and profile picture should also contain images and color schemes that reflect your web design too, so there is never any confusion that these are linked. This consistency ensures patients have an easy time finding out when you’re open and how to contact you, and also helps search engine optimization (SEO) as well, by providing another way of ensuring you land on a higher spot on a search engine results page (SERP).

You Need Reviews!

Now that you have consistency across your pages, you need reviews. When you search online for information about a business, or even a dental practice, you will not only look for information online about hours of operation and services but also glance at what previous patients are saying about your office. After all, if one practice does not have any reviews or primarily negative ones, and another has more positive ones, who will you be more likely to schedule an appointment with? Facebook makes leaving reviews easy, and you also want an active Google My Business (GMB) page as well. Our team has experience in helping practices obtain organic reviews from clients and knows how to best respond to both positive and negative ones. We’ve found that positive testimonials benefit from encouragement, and bad reviews can be an opportunity to showcase just how professional you are with how much you care for your patients. These events are only possible, however, if you have an active online presence and brand ready to receive them!

Creating Your Brand

Creating a brand helps your office look professional, a major key people take into consideration when scheduling an appointment for themselves or a member of their family. To create a brand, our team will work with you to create a logo and color scheme for your webpages. We will then incorporate this into your social networking pages along with consistent images and taglines. You want these details on your website to also reflect on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages too. To help drive traffic from your social pages to your website, our team of designers and copywriters create original content with blogs and the social media kit. The kit contains several posts a month that offer fun information about oral healthcare, as well as posts about holidays, interesting quotes, and cheesy jokes. We also have copywriters on hand to create blogs tailored to your services and brand, so you have plenty of content on your pages to spark conversation and direct clicks back to your webpages.

Creating Personalized Content

Google, and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing, don’t reward higher rankings to websites that use duplicate or template copy. The fact is, they want to direct their users to websites likely to provide quality content and satisfy the user’s query. For that reason, algorithm updates and other changes usually narrow the focus more and more to original content, both on your webpages and on your social accounts. This is why we offer customized content! While some of our kit posts are general information, there is room to cater them to your office based on whether you’re open for non-essential services, and you can post them at your own schedule. Each blog is original and based on the services you offer and the keywords you want to focus on. Curating and creating customized content is essential for your growth and for better SEO, attracting the reads (and hopefully patients) you’re targeting.

You also need to know your audience! After all, if you treat pediatric patients only, you don’t need content about gum disease treatment and implant dentistry. If you have general services, focusing on specialized treatments wouldn’t attract the clients you need either. You need to know who you’re reaching out to, who you want to make that call or send that email to schedule an appointment. We can help you pinpoint your client base and create content and a brand that helps you attract new clients, gain testimonials and drive traffic to your online presence. If you have any questions about bringing new traffic to your online content or about earning reviews and finding your audience online, then please contact our team today. We’ve worked with dental practices both big and small, helping them weather these turbulent times, even when relying only on treatments for essential issues like dental emergencies. As states open again and people begin looking for care for their smiles, we want to make sure your practice is ready and inviting!

MDPM Dental Marketing Can Brand Your Social Media

A strong presence on social networking websites helps drive people to your website content, and vice versa. At MDPM Dental Marketing, our team understands the importance of having an active online presence and how to do so while conforming to your brand and reaching your audience. To learn more about helping your dental practice grow with a solid online marketing plan, please call MDPM Dental Marketing today at 972-781-8861. Now more than ever, you need a way to continue to communicate with your patients and potential patients online. A plan that accomplishes this could attract reviews, and hopefully, new clients and their families!