Do You Have Questions About Our Social Media Kit?

“Today is George Washington’s birthday, or as many know it – President’s Day. Check out this interesting article on Huffington Post about the most generous Presidents throughout history.”

The above blurb and picture is an example of a post from our new complimentary social media kit. With specially curated content and an editorial calendar delivered each month, our goal is to help our clients improve their social media presence. With February nearly over, well soon be sending out March’s social media kit. Do you have questions about our social media kit?

Frequently Asked Questions About MDPM’s Social Media Kit

Question: Is the kit really free?

Answer: Yes, the kit is free to our current clients who are on a monthly SEO package. If you aren’t currently on an SEO package, then talk to us today. We can help you get started and then you can take advantage of our complimentary kit. In addition, an SEO package can help you achieve a higher ranking on your search engine’s results page, boosting the chance of attracting new patients.

Question: What does the kit include?

Answer: The kit includes social media posts and images for each month. The content will be ready to post on a variety of different platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.

Question: How will I know when to post?

Answer: The kit also includes editorial content to help you post. You will have two posts per week, which means your social media pages will remain active all month. Remember, an active social media account can provide an SEO boost and help your business appear more legitimate to potential clients.

Question: Is the content generic?

Answer: No. Some of the content will relate to holidays and events taking place in the month. Others will relate to your office, allowing you to put a personal spin on the content you post.

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