What’s Blog Got To Do With It?

You have made the wise decision to incorporate a responsive website as a part of your marketing strategy to grow and maintain your dental business. Marketing yourself online makes sense, right? You offer new and existing clients immediate access to information, answering their most pressing questions. So, what’s a blog got to do with improving business within the dental industry? First and foremost, including a blog on your website can greatly improve your edge in today’s competitive SEO environment. However, while improving your page rank with Google is essential for a strong presence on the internet, a blog accomplishes so much more than garnering authority.

For a clearer understanding of why adding a blog to your website is a stellar marketing move – and to answer some concerns – here are four things to think about when making your decision:

Dentistry Is Content Rich

You may look through your list of services and worry about a content shortage. You likely think that one blog on each topic, from restorative dentistry to dental implants, will surely only yield 15 to 30 blog posts. The amazing thing about blogs is that your copywriter knows how to spin a story. As a writer, I can tell you that coming up with a surprisingly wide array of ways to look at a single topic simply comes with the territory. Take a glance through a blog from the past, which displays how your future blog holds infinite potential for variety and interest.

You Can Ensure Patient Comfort

One of the most important things to a patient selecting a new dentist is establishing a feeling of comfort. From providing information about your office’s amenities to whether you practice gentle techniques, blogs provide a platform through which you can connect with patients. Unlike the more technical copy of your website’s services pages, which provide factual information, a blog post extends a human touch. You are speaking directly to your clientele, bridging a gap that you simply do not have the time to fill during the day. It would be nice if you could offer every patient a free one-on-one preliminary consultation. But since you can’t, give your patients the next best solution: blogs.

Connect Through Community

Are you involved in your community? Do you attend local events or regularly volunteer? A brief mention in your biography about your dedication to serving community members is significant. However, community blogs that highlight important or exciting events – particularly those you will attend – add depth to your online personality. You can transcend out of the generic role of “dentist” to a dynamic person with whom your patients feel a common bond.

Replace Negative Assumptions With Positive Examples

Many of your future patients are browsing your website because they know a trip to the dentist significantly impacts oral health. However, fear presents a powerful reason to postpone even a checkup and cleaning. Through thoughtful blog posts, we can combat those fears by replacing negative assumptions with positive examples of what to expect from a visit at your practice. A copywriter always considers appealing to the senses. Consider the following ways appealing to your patients’ senses through compassionate blog posts may attract and relax your clients:

Your client may be thinking about…

  • A cold exam room
  • Long, boring wait times
  • The sound of a drill

You can easily mention the following to steer your patient toward relaxed thoughts, with the mention of…

  • Your offering of a cozy blanket and pillow for warmth and comfort
  • The new patient forms your client can fill out before visiting, and the amenities you offer during a brief wait – complimentary beverages, warm moist towels, etc. – for an enjoyable visit
  • The music you play in the office, iPods you provide your patients, or iPads/televisions that keep patients entertained

About Jill Nastasia: Jill is CEO and director of business development at MDPM Consulting, a marketing firm catering to the unique needs of dentists. To learn more about web design, blogging, and SEO for dentists, email info@moderndentalmarketing.com or contact us at 972-781-8861.