Ensuring the Security of Your Dental Website

Close-up image of male hands using computer laptop with icon graphic cyber security network of connected devices and personal data informationA dental website is often the first impression potential patients gain from your practice and the services you provide. This means making a great first impression doesn’t just require an attractive website, but one that loads quickly and stays live! So, you need one that can stand against common cyber threats. Even if you’re a small practice serving a small community, that doesn’t mean you’re not vulnerable to the same web threats facing larger businesses in your area. Fortunately, MDPM Dental Marketing understands the importance of a secure website, and our builders take care to make sure sensitive information for both and your patients is protected, all while fitting in your budget!

The Benefits of WordPress

We build your pages in WordPress for a number of reasons. First, we have the option to forgo any and all themes and templates, which means our designers and builders can craft and create a website from the ground up, providing a completely customized appearance. After all, a pediatric dentist and a practice specializing in oral surgery should have a vastly different design aesthetic and function for their webpages! But one major reason we opt to build our client’s dental websites here is security. The platform is very secure and the core is maintained continuously by a large community. The popularity of WordPress means that any bugs or vulnerabilities will be found and fixed very quickly. For this reason, WordPress has been our go-to for nearly a decade now to ensure we provide web content that is safe from cyber threats!

Additional Protective Measures

We also employ several other measures to help ensure the defenses of your website, protecting valuable information and passwords. For the front-end, we use WordFence, which provides enhanced firewall protection as well as login security, malware detection, and plugin flagging. These options often catch common cyber threats facing websites, and the plugin is designed specifically to work with WordPress, providing comprehensive protection. The plugin runs at the server and avoids the data leaks often encountered with Cloud-based firewall systems, which typically need to break firewall protections to allow site visitors access. WordFence ensures end-to-end encryption without impacting a user’s experience.

For the back-end, Cloudflare provides a defense against IP-based flagging, blacklisting, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, all of which could slow-down or otherwise shut down your website. Cloudflare SSL creates a link between your web server and a browser, which protects all data transferred and ensures it remains protected and isn’t vulnerable to people looking to steal valuable information. Cloudflare DDoS defenses help prevent web traffic attacks designed to paralyze a website, anticipating and putting up defenses without slowing traffic from patients and clients.

Of course, there is also the matter of protection on our end. After all, we need to store and maintain an expansive list of our clients’ contact information and passwords. To ensure only our team has access to this sensitive information, we ensure passwords are always encrypted. Keeper Security provides dedicated software for encryption and safeguarding important information, ensuring no one but the people working on your content and social media ever have access to them. Keeper Security provides a single location to safely store all programs, passwords, and logins related to your website, as well as information used by our copywriters to create customized blogs. We also have a place to store passwords and logins related to your social media, so we can manage these pages for you in a safe and secure manner. We want to provide our clients with peace of mind!

HIPAA Compliant Emails

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed in the mid-nineties with the goal to set privacy standards and protect your patients’ medical information. As dentists, you’re expected to comply with these regulations and take steps to secure and protect private information for your patients. At MDPM Dental Marketing, our team is ready to help ensure you meet the standards. We offer an option with your package to ensure your emails are HIPAA compliant, which means encrypting emails and ensuring your accounts have access controls in place with end-to-end encryption. Our team ensures proper email configuration and that emails are stored and archived for the amount of time required by state laws. Of course, our team will also make sure your website itself meets all required accessibility guidelines, too.

We know how important your online security is for your practice, and we take measures to ensure you can rest easy. If you have any further questions or concerns about the steps we’ve taken or the software we’re implementing, then please feel free to contact our team to learn more. Right now, many people worry about starting the process of redesigning web content or having a whole new site built. But remember, by laying the groundwork now, we improve SEO and ensure your web content is ready for new traffic and to attract new patients once your doors open and restrictions in your area lift completely.

MDPM Dental Marketing Provides Defenses for Dental Websites

Now more than ever, taking steps to protect you and your clients from cyber threats is crucial for businesses both large and small, even dental practices! At MDPM Dental Marketing, our builders and tech team understand the threats that face our passwords and information, and how to safeguard them. To learn more about keeping your dental website safe online, please call MDPM Dental Marketing today at 972-781-8861. Every day new threats seem to arise that seek to gain valuable information from people and companies, and we work hard to stay on top of these developments and continue to protect our clients from data breaches and more.