Organizing Your Social Media Posts

Social media helps you engage your clients and can also aid your search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategy. While not a major factor, Google does factor in websites that maintain an active presence on social media, especially if people are regularly sharing, liking, or commenting on these posts. Of course, if you run a business you know that your daily tasks always seem to grow. Frankly, who has time to hit up Facebook and Twitter every day to post something? However, by maintaining a schedule and organizing your social media posts, you can find time. In addition, we can also offer a very helpful kit.

Keep a Calendar

The Internet is an amazing thing, especially with how quickly it can eat up your time. Looking for something fun and unique to post each day can waste a lot of your day. However, setting aside a specific time to plan ahead several days, or even weeks, can prevent such a time suck.

In addition, it can also provide you with extra time to customize the content for each social networking site. After all, you shouldn’t be posting the same content the same way on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you are, then you may not be getting the most from these sites.

Once you decide what and when you’re posting, take advantage of Facebook’s scheduling feature. You can set up a week or more of statuses that will post automatically, saving you time.

Try Our Kit

So, let’s say you’re still struggling with content. You have the occasional blog post, but that isn’t enough to fill several posts per week. Where do you find content? Fortunately, we’re here to help. At MDPM Consulting, we offer our clients who carry a monthly SEO package a free social media kit. The kit is only $99 for those who don’t carry a monthly package. Each month we email the link to our kit that includes a month’s worth of posts to share and even customize. If you have any questions or would like to try our kit, contact our team today.

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