Check Out the New Website from Downey Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Few things define your business like your website. Whether you run a small business or a dental practice, your website offers clients a window into your services and overall philosophy. Recently, MDPM Consulting completed and premiered a new dental website design for Downey Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Focusing on Dr. Hakimzadeh’s and Dr. Reyhani’s Strengths

With Dr. Hakimzadeh’s and Dr. Reyhani’s dental website, we highlighted their approach to providing comprehensive dental care for all ages. Since the primary drive for people to undergo dental treatment is typically esthetics, we provided three links at the top of the page for cosmetic dentistry, anti-aging dentistry, and biocompatible dentistry. For convenience, we provide all necessary contact information, including a link to book an appointment, clearly visible at the top of the page. Below, we use the copy as an opportunity to once again discuss the Downey Family and Cosmetic Dentistry philosophy of providing quality in-house dental care.

Dental Website and Search Engine Optimization

A dental website provides more than just contact information or a brief description of services. With the right tools, your dental website can boost your SEO ranking. Search engine optimization refers to the tactics used to make a dental website appeal to Google’s search algorithms. These algorithms pore over millions of websites, organizing them by the relevance of a person’s online search. The better your SEO rating, the more likely your website is to show up on the front page of a Google search result page. At MDPM Consulting, we include a number of factors in our website design, including:

  • Responsiveness, your website should be mobile-friendly
  • Copy, your copy should be original and engaging
  • Keywords, organic keyword placement boosts SEO
  • Links, links to other pages and to your dental blog also improves SEO rankings

If you have any questions about our dental marketing strategies, please contact our team today.

About MDPM Consulting: We employ a team of talented graphic designers and copywriters to build and maintain dental websites, blogs, microsites, and more. Using the latest SEO techniques, we can help you implement a successful dental marketing strategy. For more information, call us today at (972) 781-8861.