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How to Effectively Delegate Dental Website Tasks

So, you’ve decided it’s time for a dental practice website – or a makeover of your current site. That’s awesome. Before you pass the power to your spouse, hygienist, or office manager, you should take care of a few items. Obviously, you don’t have time to manage every detail of your website or marketing efforts;… Read more »

Why We Write Dental Blogs

Before you invest in a blog for your dental practice, you need to understand why blogs are important to Internet marketing. Blogs feature original content, which Google likes. Blogs are considered news by Google, and news takes priority when it comes to content, per Google. Dental blogs include links to a doctor’s main website, and… Read more »

The Most Important Part of Choosing a Website Company

Just pick up the phone, call the support line, and tell the receptionist (if you don’t get an answering machine) that you need to discuss some support changes for your website. You may have to say that you’re not a current client, but maybe you can avoid the question. Either way, grade your experience, starting with how quickly you reached a human and the quality of the response. Here are some criteria for scoring your phone call: