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Maximizing Your Dental Blog’s Potential

Writing & Posting Blogs There is no shortcut: to get the most out of your blog, you have to post original, SEO content every day. As with most Internet marketing efforts, you can do it yourself. You can certainly write your own blog posts. However, the dental copywriters at MDPM are here to pick up… Read more »

Where is Your Book in Google’s Library?

Enter a young, vibrant woman wearing trendy glasses and a chic, respectable dress. She is very popular. She’s also the head librarian of the most ginormous library on the planet, and you’re an author seeking shelf space. How can you get Ms. Google to give your book any attention? 1)      The book has to be… Read more »

Let’s Revisit QR Codes in Dental Marketing

If you read this blog often, you know I love to answer questions for my clients. On Saturday, a client dentist asked me whether QR codes would work in his marketing strategy. I wrote about QR codes back in April, but this time I’ll delve into the topic a little more. We’ll start with basics,… Read more »

Why We Write Dental Blogs

Before you invest in a blog for your dental practice, you need to understand why blogs are important to Internet marketing. Blogs feature original content, which Google likes. Blogs are considered news by Google, and news takes priority when it comes to content, per Google. Dental blogs include links to a doctor’s main website, and… Read more »

Focus on ROI: Internet Marketing that Works… and Doesn’t

Just this week, I advised a wonderful client of mine that a custom Facebook page will look great, but it will not improve ROI. It may not bring any new patients to the practice. This does not mean that a custom Facebook page is a poor investment. You have to consider your goals. For a high-end cosmetic dental spa, brand awareness and perceived value of services is essential to maintaining high profits. In this case, a custom Facebook page may be well worth the monetary investment.

SERP’s Up: How to Move Dental Websites Higher on Google

A SERP is a search engine results page. When you type words (keywords) into Google to find a website, the page that comes up with all the results is a SERP. If you want to be on page one with Google for particular keywords, you have to do some serious Internet marketing strategizing. You can… Read more »