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Truth About Google Page One for Dentists

Honest techies are quick to tell you that you may or may not get to be on page one of Google, despite the most diligent efforts. Dishonest techies will promise spot one, page one if you pay enough — but they can’t produce. I read an article today, by a techie, that argued the point,… Read more »

Focus on ROI: Internet Marketing that Works… and Doesn’t

Just this week, I advised a wonderful client of mine that a custom Facebook page will look great, but it will not improve ROI. It may not bring any new patients to the practice. This does not mean that a custom Facebook page is a poor investment. You have to consider your goals. For a high-end cosmetic dental spa, brand awareness and perceived value of services is essential to maintaining high profits. In this case, a custom Facebook page may be well worth the monetary investment.

The All-Time, Best Ever Dental Marketing Team in the Universe

Jill and I are so pleased to have such an amazing team! These women arrive early, stay late, work from home, and love working together. Each has a special talent and a great personality. I want to share with you just who’s working on your MDPM website, blog, and marketing projects. In addition to having excellent work ethic, great attitudes, and genuine respect for our clients, our team is a joy – A JOY – to work with! Here’s the low down on some of the girls.

How Will Patients Find Your Dental Blog?

One, people looking for a dentist don’t often go to the Yellow Pages. Instead, they turn to their computer or smart phone and type in keywords. Usually, the keywords are a term related to dentistry, plus a location. For instance, a very common keyword phrase is “Dallas dentist.” Blogs are considered news by Google, so they usually rank high in comparison to newly posted webpages. Your blog, and your website that’s supported by your blog, should be optimized for keyword phrases that your potential patients are googling.

Dental Website Keywords 101

The most important thing to remember about blogging is, if you want to kick asterisks on the search engines, blog every day, write useful, original text, and strategically place keywords in headings, links, near the top of your text, and in tags.

The Most Important Part of Choosing a Website Company

Just pick up the phone, call the support line, and tell the receptionist (if you don’t get an answering machine) that you need to discuss some support changes for your website. You may have to say that you’re not a current client, but maybe you can avoid the question. Either way, grade your experience, starting with how quickly you reached a human and the quality of the response. Here are some criteria for scoring your phone call: