How Do You Improve Patient Retention In 2018?

Sometimes, as dentists you spend so much time and resources attracting new patients, you end up neglecting your current ones. If you spend so much in advertising and online marketing to get them in the door, why not keep them engaged? Often, the best way to keep your practice strong and growing is to focus on your current patients. After all, they’re a source of personal recommendations to their friends and family. We can help you improve patient retention in 2018!

Be Available!

Make both your physical office and your online one (your website) are easy to find. On your website, be sure you have an interactive map and a clickable phone number, which makes contacting you simple. Check your listing on Google Maps to ensure its accurate and even map a trip to your office to make sure your patients will have no problems finding you.

Actually Sit in Your Waiting Room

You should know your patients’ experience, from pulling into the parking lot until checking out. Have a test experience, in which you arrive, check in, wait, and check out. You can then see if any aspect of the process needs to be improved or streamlined, improving patient experience.

Communicate Effectively

Stay in contact! Not just appointment confirmations and follow up emails and calls. For example, you can send out a monthly eblast, which can be a short reminder about your services or a full newsletter. Remind them that you’re available to help them. If you need help, we can help crate and send out your eblasts, write and post blogs, and help you share them on social media.

Also, be sure you answer your phone and respond to emails! Even if your staff is busy at the moment, make sure someone calls them back or returns the email in a timely fashion. If you wait several days, the person is likely to just go to another dental practice.

Keep the Entire Team Involved

This isn’t just on you, make sure your entire team knows your procedures and understands the importance of patient retention. Maintenance marketing is in everyone’s job description. We can help by hosting a conference call to talk about what we’re doing online to help the practice grow while also retaining current patients, and discuss what your team can do to help us meet your goals!

Would you like to learn more patient retention? Looking for ways to attract new patients while also keeping your current ones? We can help! Then contact us today and let us help! Send an email to MDPM Consulting at, or give us a call at 972-781-8861!