Don’t Let Contracts Hold You Hostage

We’ve worked with a lot of clients and over the years we’ve heard a number of horror stories about other marketing companies. In today’s blog, we would like to discuss a few red flags you should watch for, such as contracts that last more than 30 days, pressure to sign up right away, or attempts to gain ownership of your domain. Don’t let extended contracts and other poor practices impact your online marketing plan!

No More Than 30 Days

Often, marketing companies may try to get you on the hook for several months, a year, or even more. Our philosophy has always been that a contract should never be more than 30 days. If we, or any marketing company, can’t prove our value in a month, then you should simply move on. There’s no need for hostage taking if you’re offering quality services and products.

The Risks of Extended Contracts and Sign NOW Discounts

At conventions, we often see marketing companies placing the pressure on dentists. For example, “sign now to get our special discount! Right now, seriously, this discount won’t last!” They use the scarcity ploy and phony deadlines to scare a person into signing a contract quickly, without reading the fine print or thinking it over. The danger? We’ve often seen dental professionals that signed on with companies that once the client wanted to leave, refused to hand over their domain and social media claiming ownership. No marketing company should control your domain, that is yours. The same goes for your Google Map page or social media accounts. At MDPM Consulting, if you decide you no longer want to work with us, when your 30-day contract is up we will transfer your domain and everything related to it to you.

We can Help!

Don’t feel pressured into extended contracts, and don’t work with a company that claims they own your domain. A marketing company only needs access to these materials to do their job, but at the end of the day, they are your property.

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