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9 Popular Website Design Choices

Looking to update your website in 2018? In today’s blog, we would like to look at nine different website design choices many of our clients have chosen for their new websites. If you want to redesign you site with any of these options, please let us know! We would love to work with you and… Read more »

Gestalt Theory And Website Design

We’ve blogged before about the ways psychology can influence design, including the moods and atmosphere that color and shape can create. In today’s blog, we would like to focus on the Gestalt Theory. The word Gestalt means “unified whole” and refers to the way we perceive a grouping of similar objects as one thing. Understanding… Read more »

Do You Know The Elements Of Graphic Design?

When you build your practice, you pay close attention to the colors you use and agonize other the design choices. After all, this is a patient’s first impression of you, right? While we do believe dentists should put plenty of effort into their office, remember that the website is actually a potential patient’s first impressions…. Read more »

Can Psychological Principles Impact My Design?

We’ve talked before about how color and line can impact a person looking at your website. When creating a new website or microsite, it’s important to keep those factors in mind. However, there are also other psychological principles you should be aware of. Understanding how certain aspects of design can impact a person’s thoughts and… Read more »

How Certain Design Elements Impact People

When designing a website, you have to keep in mind the impact your esthetic choices can have on patients. Did you know that certain colors, images, and shapes can elicit certain responses from people? Knowing this can help you perfect your overall esthetic and appeal to potential patients. But if used correctly, you could inadvertently… Read more »

What Makes A Good Design?

Do you ever visit the Wayback Machine? This little website is an archive of the web, allowing you to see websites of old. You can then chuckle at the poor esthetics and horrendous design choices, such as background midi music. But even if you visit the long-ago days of 2010 or 2012 (which would contain… Read more »

What Should I Consider When Updating My Site?

We recommend updating or completely redesigning your dental website about every three to five years. As a dental professional, you want potential patients to feel you are up to date with the latest trends and treatments in dentistry, and having an outdated design can definitely be a hindrance. However, what people expect in a modern… Read more »

How Does Shape And Line Impact My Design?

Often, good design means incorporating psychological principles. We’ve mentioned in a previous blog how color can impact mood and subsequently impact the feelings your website will convey. Well, shapes and lines can also impact your design. Understanding these principles can help you create a website that better reflects the atmosphere of your practice, reaching potential… Read more »

Employing Graphic Design Elements

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about the copy content of your website, such as blogs, link building, and keyword placement. However, since many people do, in fact, judge a book by its cover, you should be aware of how important graphic design is for your website. A good design can ensure that your site… Read more »

UX Versus UI Design: What’s The Difference?

Website design is a crucial part of your online marketing strategy. Your new website should reflect your practice or business with colors and images that bring out certain feelings among your potential clientele. Likewise, a design also needs to improve user experience. A person should have no trouble navigating your website and locating the information he/she… Read more »