Weekend Warrior Dental Marketing Tip

It’s been quite some time since we gave you a Weekend Warrior tip, but Mother’s Day and Tooth Fairy day are coming up in May. Since statistics show, women and mothers usually choose the family dentist, Mother’s Day presents a great opportunity for you to market to moms. You can genuinely show your appreciation for mothers, but also to help moms understand how to help their children with oral homecare.

Mother’s Day: Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tooth Fairy Day: Saturday, May 14, 2011

  • On your website, add a page just for moms. Provide printable brushing and flossing charts, tooth development charts, tips and color sheets that mothers can use to educate their children and promote healthy oral homecare habits. Round out this page’s impact by including links to women’s health websites. You might even encourage your female patients to submit recipes for this area of your website.
  • On your website and blog, include photos of your lobby’s play area, information about your “good checkup” treasure chest, and your “cavity free” club. If you don’t have these things, and you want to impress moms, it’s time to develop these programs. They’re simple, and they mean a lot to mothers
  • In the month of May, give all the moms who come to your office a little ceramic box to store their children’s lost teeth. Cute boxes can be purchased at your local dollar store or craft store. Keep in mind, the box is a tiny gesture for you, yet it’s a gift a mother will treasure for life. (It’s a good idea to practice this gesture year round!)
  • Celebrate Mother’s Day week, May 1st through 7th, by giving Moms a rose when they leave their appointment with you. Women LOVE flowers. If you prefer not to purchase fresh flowers all week, consider offering mothers a packet of seeds. Just purchase a selection of seeds, from bedding plants to veggies, and place them in a feminine basket at your checkout desk. Be sure that your front office team encourages ladies to take seeds with them after their appointment.
  • Celebrate Tooth Fairy Day by passing out coloring sheets to children the week of May 8th. After the kids color their handout, take their photo with Mom holding up their masterpiece. Ask the mother if you can post the photos on your blog or website. Be sure to give the child a gold star and email the photo to Mom.
  • Compose a blog about Tooth Fairy traditions throughout history, and include a printable Tooth Fairy letter for parents to use with their children. You can also put the letter on your website.

If you need help with seasonal marketing ideas, or if you’d like to promote an event in your dental office, call Modern Dental Practice Marketing at 972-781-8861. We can create and distribute your press release, post an event on your Facebook page and send notification to all your fans, and create and send out an email blast to all of your patients.