How Often Should You Blog?

There are a number of factors to take into account when creating your SEO strategy. You need to have a responsive website, gather reviews and testimonials, and you may choose to operate a dental blog. How often should you blog though? Many people fear they don’t post enough while others worry about posting too much and scaring off potential readers. Fortunately, there are studies to help you decide how much blogging you do to complete to boost search engine optimization rankings.

How Many Times a Week?

Recently, the Hubspot Marketing Blog conducted a study to find out how the number of blogs per month impacted traffic, leads, and factors. The results show that for companies with an employee size of between 1 and 25, more frequent blogging leads to greater inbound traffic and leads. The study showed:

  • Publishing 16 or more blogs per month lead to three times as much traffic when compared to companies that blogged less or didn’t at all
  • Posting 16 or more blogs a month can lead to almost four times as many leads for small companies or practices than companies that post less or not at all
  • Your old content is just as likely to create leads and new traffic as your latest post

Posting at least four times a week or 16 or more times a month can have a major positive impact on your SEO, bringing in more views, potential leads, and overall traffic. 

Keywords and Links

Now, let’s look at the content of our post. Adding 16 or more a month is great, but in order to be successful you need to post quality content. You should include three to four links, no more. You should also select long tail keywords carefully and limit the number of times your include them in the post. Otherwise, Google or other search engines could consider these black hat tactics and actually penalize your blog, meaning your greater posing frequency becomes moot. You also need to make sure they are well-written, professional in tone but easy to digest for casual readers, and provide information your patients would be interested in learning about.

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