Google’s Penguin 4.0 Is Coming, But When?

With Google Penguin 4.0, big changes are coming. After its delayed release, it looks as though the much-anticipated algorithm update will drop this year and in real time, as Mike Templeman explains in his latest Forbes article:

“…we could expect to see the new Penguin update be released this year. And this is great news for SEO practitioners and digital marketers that are doing things the ‘right way’.”

With this new update, Google’s algorithms will be better able to tell spam links from organic ones and improve the search engine’s ability to monitor and rank quality websites.

Is It Really Happening?

Unlike past updates, there won’t be a slow roll out. Instead, the program will be rolled out in real time. In addition, the Penguin algorithm will continually be “on” and update periodically. Going forward this way means the new algorithm will hopefully be even more successful at identifying spammy links and activities, and removing the sites participating in this behavior from search results.

What Is Google Penguin? How Is 4.0 Different?

Since Google’s goal is to help provide the best user experience possible, this means filling the search results pages with quality sites that address the user’s query. From the earliest days of the search engine, people have tried to use black hat tactics to push websites to the front that wouldn’t otherwise show up in a search. The 4.0 update is a move to target and remove these sites. Websites filled with spammy links or other black hat tactics will be less likely to show up when a user looks for something on Google. Unlike past iterations, this one will continually update.

How Does 4.0 Affect You?

Since the experts at MDPM always remain up to date on the latest algorithm updates from Google, Penguin 4.0 won’t negatively affect your online presence. We strive to make sure our SEO strategies adhere to the latest standards and help your business grow.

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