Email Campaigns for Dental Marketing

Do you know what email blasts and enewsletters are? Do you know why they are important for a dentist’s marketing plan?

First of all, email campaigns are sent to your current patients. Your email campaigns will feature a custom banner, a stock or original photo, body text, share buttons for email, Facebook, and Twitter, and the legal requirement of an opt-out option.

  • An eblast is a short, one-article email with your custom banner, photo, text, and footer.
  • An enewsletter features 5 articles.
  • We recommend newsletters quarterly and eblasts monthly.

Why invest in an email campaign to current patients? Dentists are in the unique situation of not seeing healthy customers for six months at a time. In these hiatuses, patients can wander away. Great dental marketing includes staying in front of your current patients every 30 days or so. Email blasts and dental newsletters accomplish this beautifully, while also providing a share option for your happy patients to spread contact information for your office. Studies show, acquiring a new patient costs $200 on the low side, often more. Retaining your current patients is extremely lucrative. Also, word-of-mouth marketing often yields the best, most loyal customers (patients, in your case). Email marketing to your current patient base allows for one-click work-of-mouse shares, so you can win the business of your patients’ friends and family.

Is the email list I submit private? Yes. We understand HIPAA and respect patient privacy. We do not need names of your patients, nor will your list be available to anyone outside of MDPM Consulting and the distribution and data collection service we use, My Emma. We will never contact your patients. The list is private and will be dealt with as such.

What content is most appealing for an eblast or newsletter? Seasonal interests with a special offer and solid call to action make the best eblasts. For newsletters, you also want a special offer and good call to action, but you can include a few articles about news in the office, in dentistry, and in your community. In all of your emails, we will include social sharing and email sharing quicklinks.

-What is a good open rate for email campaigns? According to the most recent research, email blasts or newsletters are considered successful for fewer than 1500 blasts when the open rate hovers around 33%. This may seem low, but 20% is average. For campaigns with more than 1500 emails, the success and average is lower.

What happens to old newsletters and eblasts? You may know, content is king in online marketing. Because of this, your email campaign archives will be linked from your website (if MDPM manages your site) in an archive section. This way, you’ll have the initial benefit of staying in front of your current patients and possibly having your information shared with their contacts, and you’ll enjoy the long-term SEO benefits of more original content on your website.

How do new patients get on my email list for next time? You can submit an updated Excel sheet at any time. Duplicate addresses will fall off, and new ones will be added automatically. In addition, we’ll add a digital form for your website and blog visitors to automatically register for future emails.

How are former patients removed from the list? In most cases, former patients remain on the list or opt out after receiving an email. The opt-out is simple on our newsletters, but rest assured that a reader must consciously click on the opt out and confirm via email. You can also send us a list of patients’ emails you want removed from your email list on file.

To learn more about our very affordable, custom electronic email blasts and newsletters for dentists, call MDPM Consutling today at 972-781-8861 or email