A Fool-Proof Strategy for Effective Dental Marketing

What do you do for dental advertising? Direct mail? Local magazines? Newspaper?

Advertising is the impersonal approach to promoting your business.

What do you do for dental marketing? Do you have a brand? Website? Social networking? Blog?

Marketing is a developed, well implemented plan that brings your business together with patients for the benefit of both parties.

How’s All That Workin’ for Ya?
The reason good marketing ideas fail is because they aren’t completely thought through before implementation. First of all, marketing your dental practice is a much better investment than advertising your practice. Think of it this way, advertising is one component of great marketing. But before you begin planning any marketing campaign, whether online, in print, or with events, consider these important factors: (more…)

Marketing Sleep Apnea Dentistry and Other Special Services with a Blog Website

Most dentists have something special they want to promote. Most recently, sleep apnea and snoring therapy seems to be the trend. However, dental implants, neuromuscular dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry are also popular adjunct services to bread-and-butter dentistry. Your general dentistry services keep your practice going, but new and exciting innovations in the dental field can yield profitable cases, and they’re a welcome change to placing fillings and fitting dentures.

How can you effectively market these services without giving potential patients the impression that you’re a specialty dentist? The answer is simple and effective: a dental website blog.

Modern Dental Practice Marketing will create your custom blog website, with multiple pages, just like a regular website–just like this blog website. The homepage of your blog site will feature a blog that has new posts twice a week. Blogs, you see, are considered news by search engine spiders (those that crawl websites for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines). In short, this means that your blog will rank higher than similar website pages. That’s just a fact.

You’ll be pleased to know that MDPM blog websites are affordable—less than most custom dental websites, and our ghost blogging service is very affordable. We’ll track your hits and rankings, and we’ll also submit the blog to local listings for even better SEO (search engine optimization). If you like, our marketing and Internet gurus can hook you up with a Facebook and Twitter account, then manage it for you. Or, we can train someone in your practice to manage your social networking program. Basically, we’ll custom-design an Internet marketing package that suits your unique needs—and you don’t have to worry about compromising your main dental practice website. The blog website will be completely independent, yet link to your main site.

If you’re ready to boost your out-of-the-mainstream dental services, it’s time to contact Modern Dental Practice Marketing. Give us a call today at 972-781-8861 or email info@moderndentalmarketing.com. We’re in the business to make dentists smile!

Ten Great Topics for Dentists to Blog About

What makes you read an article about finance? You want to know how it can help your finances.

What makes you read an article about business? You want to know how it can help your business.

When I read blogs by dentists, I often wonder if they’re really thinking about their patients when they brainstorm topics to write about. Patients aren’t highly interested about your CEs, nor do they really care what you think about the latest technology. What they want to know is what we all want to know, what’s in it for me?

When you blog, think about presenting information in a way that highlights the benefits to the patient. Open with a question, a relevant fact, or a very pointed thought—something to grab the reader’s attention. These topics are of great interest to readers, particularly in a blog focused on benefits to the patient. And remember, you should blog twice a week at a minimum. If you do not have time to blog, Modern Dental Practice Management offers affordable blog packages that will boost your SEO rankings and draw in new patients.

  1. Case Studies – Always use photos, add a testimonial if you can, and list what the client’s needs were. Include a synopsis of procedures. The words in the text will do well with search engines. A picture is only worth a thousand words to humans, not Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.
  2. Testimonials – In Texas, testimonials are frowned upon by the TDA, but they’re fair game in other states. Even if you use video testimonials, always include a typed script for the search engine spiders.
  3. Services – Many patients are unaware of all the procedures you offer. Topics like porcelain veneers, Invisalign, teeth whitening, mercury-free dentistry, dental implants, and smile makeovers do well with potential and existing patients, as well as search engine spiders. (more…)

Dental Blogging for More New Patients

Why do dentists blog?

Most of the dentists we interview know that they need a blog, but they aren’t sure why. They want to get on board with anything that can help their dental practice grow, so they piece together information from 10 or 20 different websites…and start blogging. Their entrepreneurial spirits just won’t let them avoid it! But what is the fruit of their labor?

When is the last time you got a new patient from your blog?

This is where the idea of blogging gets down to business. You can invest great amounts of time posting to your blog, but if it’s not winning new patients, what’s the point? You surely have much better constructive ways to spend your time.

How can a dental blog win you new patients?

You could say blogging is a science and an art. Posts should be interesting to read and relevant to your audience’s lives. They should also be keyword and link rich, then publicized effectively. Keep in mind, a great dental blog requires skill as well as perseverance. Posts have to be made on a set schedule for optimal results with search engines and your audience.

Why not get a little help from your friends?

Modern Dental Practice Marketing offers custom programs to make blogging easy and effective for you. We’ve had excellent success acquiring local, targeted traffic to dental practice blogs, and if we don’t have a program to suit your needs, we’ll come up with one.

  • We can create, write, manage, and promote your blog.
  • We can write, manage, and promote your blog.
  • We can manage and promote the blog you write.
  • We can train you or team how to write and promote your blog.
  • We can post some blogs, and you can post some blogs. We can work together.

If you want more patients, blogging is a cost effective, practical marketing strategy that works. Call Modern Dental Practice Marketing today at 972-781-8861 to discuss your blog website. We serve clients across the United States, though our offices are in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. Our team of graphic artists, dental copywriters, and marketing consultants are in the business to make dentists smile!

Dentist Office Promotions & Programs

In interviewing dentists, I’ve found the most common marketing questions they have are, should I run a special offer? Then, what should my special offer be? What they don’t often ask is how to promote the special.

At Modern Dental Practice Management, we can help you come up with original special offers, or you can choose from our standard promotional packages. We’ll provide everything you need to promote your special – whether it’s for new patients, referrals, cosmetic dentistry, or children’s dentistry.

Check it out:

Seasonal Patient Specials

250 full-color customized promotional cards for patients
25 seasonal cut outs for the office
5 full-color posters for the office
250 full-color flyers
Website promotional page
Direct mail campaign available

Choose your theme:

  • Blooming Smiles
    March – April – May

    Schedule your complimentary spring smile makeover consultation!
    Get $99 off veneers, orthodontics, or in-office teeth whitening.
  • Share the Shine
    June – July – August
    Make your smile the brightest thing on the beach!
    In-Office Teeth Whitening $99
    Chairside Teeth Whitening $99 off

  • Health, Hope, & Happiness
    September – Octob er – November
    This holiday season, you can help us spread the gift of health and happiness. For all non-insurance services we perform through November, we will donate a percentage to local children’s dental charities.
  • Winter Wonder White
    December – January – February
    In-Office Teeth Whitening $99
    Chairside Teeth Whitening $99 off

Year-Round Specials (more…)

Dallas – Fort Worth – Denton Dental Marketing: Claim Your Piece of the Pie

What’s better in the summer than a heaping helping of apple pie, topped with vanilla bean ice cream? Not much.

But this article is about dentistry. It’s about your dental practice. It’s about how you can claim a giant helping of the American Dream…and the fact that you are surrounded by potential new patients every single day. It’s about how to attract and impress those patients. It’s about your infinite potential for extreme success.

Of the estimated 5 million people in the DFW area, every single one has a mouth. Thus, practicality dictates that 5 million people in DFW need a dentist. In May, unemployment in Texas was 8.3, while the US’s rate was 9.7. It stands to reason that you, my dear dentist friend, are in the right place at the right time.

You can get new patients;
you can increase your practice profits;
you can look forward to a successful business and well funded retirement.

How to Get a Giant Helping of Your Local Dental Pie
Maybe you have a good mind for business, but the one stumbling block you trip over is marketing. In decades passed, dentists didn’t have to advertise much, if at all. In fact, strict guidelines regulated dentist advertising. Then, slowly, the scene shifted and dentist were freed to market their small businesses with integrity and practicality. Many turned to the phone book, like most small businesses. Times have changed, though. What was standard just a few years ago, Yellow Pages advertising for dentists, now seems expensive and yields minimal return. In fact, phone book companies are going out of business, as are newspapers–another media dentists have traditionally relied on for advertising.

Technology has changed the way people communicate and the way they shop. Even for a dentist.

So heaped on top of practicing dentistry, running a business, and trying to advertise your dental practice, you now have to deal with the technology factor—a whole universe in and of itself.

*Enter Modern Dental Practice Marketing*

For no cost, Modern Dental Practice Marketing will evaluate your Internet marketing strategy and provide you with a personal consultation on how to improve. We’ll give you tips to implement yourself, or, if you prefer, we can handle everything for you. MDPM offers targeted, focused, local marketing on the Internet. We provide a diverse selection of services, including practice branding and logo design, website design and management, custom blogs and search engine optimization, social networking, team training, and more. We also provide promotion planning services, so in addition to your web marketing strategy, we can work on direct mail, community involvement, onsite events, and other highly effective promotions.

Call MDPM today at 972-781-8861 to schedule a consultation. We’ll come to your office, take a tour, meet your team, then talk about how to take your dental office straight to success. MDPM serves dentists in the Dallas – Fort Worth – Denton area, including those in Southlake, Grapevine, Colleyville, Keller, Plano, Frisco, and surrounding communities.

5 Excellent Dental Office Promotions for Dallas – Fort Worth Dentists… and a Bonus Marketing Tip for Cosmetic Dentists

Want to grow your dental practice?

Online advertising—a dental website, blog, listings, optimization, and all that stuff—is essential in any modern marketing plan. You must remember, though, the Web is world-wide (thus the www). Let’s take a step back for a minute and thing about who your patients are. They’re the folks who live in your neighborhood, go to the schools in your town, and shop at the same grocery stores you do. Not all of them are plugged into the Internet 24/7. There is life outside of the computer for some.

At Modern Dental Practice Marketing, we plan, promote, and manage events for dentists. Getting people to have fun in (or very near) your office is a great way to show the community that you care. If you have great events, even once or twice a year (if not quarterly), your name will be the buzz of the town! Here are 5 ideas for fun dental practice events that will grow your patient base:

  • Easter Bunny Photos – Offer free photos of the kiddos with a tooth-brush toting bunny who, of course, has sparkling choppers. Pass out brushing charts and set the kids up on a cavity-free program while they’re there.
  • Arbor Day Festival – Any number of cool presentations about gardening, composting, rainwater storage, etc., and a potting bench for the kiddos to plant seeds. If your office is “green,” let everyone know!
  • Costume Contest – Everyone loves a costume contest! Host a parade around a community park, and give the winner a big treat.
  • Halloween Candy Buyback – See www.halloweencandybuyback.com for details.
  • Christmas Wrapping – Provide custom gift wrapping for a set time and for a set number of gifts (ex. 4). Make sure the tag says “Wrapped with care by Dr. You” and that the folks you’re wrapping for have snacks, drinks, and fun Christmas stuff to do while they wait.

BONUS: Want more cosmetic cases? Realtors are very image-conscious people, and they network like crazy. Plan a realtor appreciation happy hour at your practice after hours. Invite about 25 local realtors, and offer a deep discount on take-home whitening kits. At the event, well stocked with bubbly and hors d’oeuvres, announce an awesome referral program, and provide attendees with welcome packages for their clients.

The goal is new patients for you. Let MDPM make it happen. Call us today at 972-781-8861, or email moderndentalmarketing@gmail.com.

Get the Dental Team Excited about Growing Your Practice!

You made an appointment to get your tires rotated at a new, locally owned repair shop in Southlake. You like supporting small businesses, and you really want to have a great experience here, so you can refer your friends. After all, as a dentist, you appreciate word-of-mouth advertising and personal referrals.

When you enter the tidy shop, no one is behind the desk. A few customers sit in chairs that line the wall, faces behind magazines. You could hear a pin drop. So you wait.

Behind the desk, through glass panels, you see some mechanics sipping coffee and talking. You think, Is this a one-way mirror? Can’t they see me? So you give a friendly wave and grin.

The older man nods and comes inside to help you. He slips his glasses from the top of his head to his nose, then peers over them at you, obviously irritated by your interruption of his coffee break. You wonder if this is the same guy who used to yell at you and your buddies when you were eight, telling you to Get off my lawn!

The mechanic stabs the computer keyboard with a dirty finger, then asks, “Can I help you?”

“Yes,” you say, pleasantly. “I made an appointment online for tire rotation. It said you have one-hour service. Is that a fact?” You smile, trying to win him over.

“Website? I don’t know why they put stuff like that out there. Right now, we can do it in about an hour, but if we get busy, there’s no tellin’. Name?”

You state your name and continue to work for pleasant conversation. “Glad I came at the right time, then.”

The tire rotation goes off without a hitch, but will you be back? If the price was really good, and the job was done well, maybe. But if it costs you the same to get your tires rotated in this little shop as it does at a bigger, more friendly shop up the street…you probably won’t be back. And you really wanted that to work out. Bummer.

Now let’s look at your dental office. Your dental team may be much more friendly than the old crotchety guy at the tire shop. If not, we have a lot of work to do! But do your people know about your website (if you have one)? Can they refer patients to the forms, map, and services over the phone? Do your front and back office team members know whether you have digital X-ray and why it’s a big deal? Do they know what kind of teeth-whitening treatments you offer? (more…)

Shape Up Your Dental Blog Website for Better Conversion

You can spend tons of your hard-earned money on SEO marketing and an awesome website, and it may yield great traffic statistics. However, if you don’t get conversions—qualified patients coming into your dental practice to spend money—what’s the point? It’s like buying a yacht you’ll never use. At MDPM, we will find you the right patients, and we’ll entice them to love you. After all, you are lovable, right? People just have to know who you are! They need to see that you’re providing what they want.

Is your website or blog easy to navigate? KISS, KISS! You know what that means. Keep it simple, silly! A long list of pages down the side of your website can seem overwhelming. Instead of a bazillion pages in the navigation, or even worse, obnoxious dropdown menus, think of your website as an onion. Put the main topics in your navigation, then let potential patients peel down the layers, page by page, to learn as much—or as little—as they want. Search engine spiders crave the content, but most people don’t. You can have the best of both worlds.

Is your website or blog friendly, concise, and straightforward? People don’t want clinical mumbo jumbo from their dentist. They want someone who really cares about their health, budget, and goals. They want the facts. They want someone they can relate to and trust. That’s you, right?

Does your blog feature content that will make people return? One of the things we really push is community, community, community. Your patients come from your community. Keep those moms and dads loyal by giving them what they need: family-fun events in your area, free stuff for kids, kudos to the winning football team, or print outs for their kids to color on vacation. The more your patients see your brand, the more likely they’ll be to refer friends and neighbors to your office.

What makes you different? You and your practice have a unique selling point, something different and awesome that people will love…once they know about it. The MDPM marketing experts will come in with Sherlock Holmes hats on and big magnifying glasses. We’ll search out your unique selling point, then pull it out into the spotlight to make people love you. (more…)

When Dentists Should–and Should Not–Use Facebook

Building a beneficial social networking presence for your (Dallas or Fort Worth area) dental practice takes time. You’ll need to invest in your Facebook account or hire someone like MDPM to do it for you.

That said, many dentists have unrealistic expectations of what Facebook can do for their marketing program. Understand:

  • Facebook wil not have much return on investment (ROI).
  • Facebook posts are not read by search engines like Google and Yahoo.
  • Facebook posts do not help with your website’s search engine rankings.
  • You will not get many fans who are not already patients of your practice.

If that busted your bubble, don’t stop reading yet. Facebook can be beneficial to your dental practice marketing if you’re interested in building a unique culture—an inviting, friendly, personal, relationship-building reputation.

In a recent USA Today article, Jeff Livingston of the Irving, Texas practice, MacArthur OB-GYN, hit the nail on the head. He said:

“If you go back two generations, doctors came to your house. They lived in your community. They probably went to the same church…what we’re really doing is going back and creating a more personal experience with technology.” (more…)