What Is Retention Marketing?

More than ever, businesses are starting to focus on retention marketing. Instead of just mindlessly pursuing new customers, they’re focusing on keeping their existing customer base satisfied. As a dentist, this is also very important. Your current patients have a lot to offer your practice and focusing on them as well as your new patients can offer a number of benefits.

Why Do We Need Retention Marketing?

A new restaurant opens in town. Reviews are good. The restaurant looks appealing, but still you hesitate. Then a good friend tells you that the restaurant is excellent. Despite all the reviews and press, this is what moves you to actually walk in and try them out. The fact is, recommendations from friends and family tend to make people more likely to check out a business. With retention marketing, you focus just as much on keeping current patients happy as you do on attracting new ones. Your current patients then act as an extension of your sales team, telling their friends and family about the excellent service you offer. No amount of email blasts, social media strategies, commercials, or flyers will ever convince someone as quick as a recommendation from someone they trust!

How Do You Keep Patients Happy?

What can you do to make sure your current patients are happy? Take advantage of social media and ask them! You can post polls regarding their experiences, asking which amenities appeal to them the most, and what they would and wouldn’t change about your office. Also, read your reviews, especially the negative ones, to find out what your patients truly thought of their experience.

We Can Help!

We’ve often helped our clients by brainstorming about specials, discounts, and other promotions to encourage patients to visit, leave reviews, and hopefully, enjoy a positive experience at the office. If you have questions, remember that MDPM Consulting is here to help!

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